Status Report

Should be writing. Am mostly sleeping. Think I may be sick. Further updates as events warrant.

Don’t expect much here this weekend. Saving strength for elections.

Open thread.

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  1. Hmm, powerfailure at livejournal’s datacenter. Can’t blog about cats and Thai peanut curry. Check out Whatever. Nice write-up from U of C for alum Scalzi — way to go. Wander around. Ooh, nice clean empty Open Thread room. Wanders around some more. Oops, left muddy footprints in clean empty Open Thread room. Maybe I better post something.

    It’s open thread, but not specifically designated as self-pimpage… however for once I have something to pimp:

    My fourth published SF story: Dead Forever took 2nd place in Ralan’s 2006 Grabber Contest. (You can read all the prize winners here.)

    And what’s up with car rental prices? Went to rent a car over the holidays same as in 2004 and 2005, and the price jumped from $197.18 to $400.74.

    Careful stuffing that lung back in, John. If you put it in backwards then it sucks instead of inflates…

    Dr. Phil

  2. Dealing with my own intestinal crud, so I feel you’re pain. Hope you feel better soon. Say, don’t they spread viruses (virii?) in this here intraweebie? Sorry to infect everybody. Somebody got me too, and I’m a gonna find ya.

    Don’t have AD, yet, so I’m out.

  3. Sixty hours to go before the election madness is over. The following is hilarious!

    Can we ask the people behind this campaign if it is possible to modify it to include:

    “Slap Foley Silly”

    “Kick Foley in the Nuts”

    “Stick Foley with a Dildo”

  4. Yup, always getting something at 4:01 pm on Friday, after the doctor’s office has folded itself into the Off Duty dimension. HOT baths, Scalzi. And lots of tea. Clear it right out.
    Favorite TAD line, from Judge Sn: “Very innovative, counselor. Amoral and repugnant, but innovative.” Funnier in context, when you have a mental image of the speaker.
    I keep wanting to ask or mention something about a plot point, but I know a lot of people haven’t read it. So, what’s the typical moratorium on even alluding to possible (minor) spoilers in a new book or movie? Especially among a population where it’s a good bet just about everyone’s going to read/see it.

  5. Jeff, if you have a plot point question, mail it to me. I’d rather not have any spoilers around here yet. The book hasn’t even been out a week.

  6. Understood. Sorry, that part of my comment was poorly phrased. In lieu of making a veiled remark about something that doesn’t happen to someone in TAD, I wondered what folks felt generally was a decent interval of time before publicly discussing interesting things that happen (or don’t) in any story. I should have added a prompt: “A month? Three? A year?” Like that.

  7. If you could discover/uncover/unlock/open the secret to anything in the known universe, what would it be?

    Feel better John.

  8. If it helps you feel better, I finished reading _The Android Dream_ yesterday, and it was GREAT!

  9. Jeff, I personally care not. Nick Gibbons did a poll on LJ a few weeks back on that very subject, one of the commenters made a very good point. Spoilers only really matter if the book/film doesn’t work if you know.

    For many it’s irrelevent; I can re-watch Citizen Kane repeatedly despite knowing what Rosebud is, for example. In others, the mystery is part of it. But if the book or film is good, you can watch it knowing the ending/whodunnit and enjoy it regardless. It tends to be poor quality product that suffers from being spoiled.

    But then, I’m a cynical git, and am following a few spoilers without a chance of knowing/seeing stuff for ages, I like to know what happens. Maybe I’m just weird?

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