Catching Up on the Female Domination of Publishing

Interesting fact: Every single winner at last night’s World Fantasy Awards is a man. Clearly the female cabal dominating every facet of the publishing industry is trying to lull us men into a false sense of security. We must remain vigilant.

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  1. Heh. For some reason that reminds me of my wife’s favorite construction for telling me she wants me to do something:

    “Honey, do you want to [thing she wants me to do}?”

    i.e., “Honey, do you want to take out the trash?” or “Honey, do you want to fold this load of laundry?” or “Honey, do you want to go downstairs and get a bowl of ice cream?”

    See, that way I’m not being told to do it; I’m an active participant in the decision-making process!

  2. I assume you’ve already had the conversation where you say “No, not really, thanks” and then realize that was not quite the answer she was looking for.

    (Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to marry lawyers.)

  3. “So, are you ready to rake the leaves?” That was today’s conversation. As the comedian says, “I said no. Then while I was out raking leaves…”

  4. And given out by the male administrators of the award (though two out of five of the judges were women) on an evening where the Master of Ceremonies was (a very funny) guy and the con only had one female guest.

    Robin Hobb and the lady who helped report on the British Fantasy Awards would have been the only women to take the stage Saturday night except that not very many of the award winners showed, so their editors and publishers accepted for them, some of which were women.

  5. You see? -Robin- Hobb! If some public-spirited man hadn’t outed her for the woman she is, she would have been fooling us all with the name ‘Robin’ for years to come. The cabal breaks down thanks to the power of Truthtosterone.

  6. Yeah, we’ve had that conversation: “Honey, do you want to [do random household chore]?” “Well, no.” Believe it or not, in this household the wife actually learned to stop using that construction at her husband. Not only did he complain it was dishonest (I was asking him a question but not seriously willing to take no for an answer), but I realized I was only using the construction out of a misplaced “politeness” habit.

    We women do learn! Sometimes.

  7. Yeah. It took me a while to figure out that ‘would you please do such-and-such’ is a perfectly polite construction. My mother was right: ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ work fine. Where do we get confused about that?

  8. the lady who helped report on the British Fantasy Awards

    that would be jo fletcher.

    as for other comments, i’ve never understood women who say that they are “training” their partners. terrific relationship dynamic, she says dryly.

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