Here’s How Nuts It’s Getting Out There

I’m receiving robocalls. From Virginia. A state in which I haven’t lived for five years. It’s times like these that I wish every single political apparatchik in the land would spontaneously combust. Because I would be there. With marshmallows.

Also, at the moment I’m drinking maple syrup. Because that’s the sort of day it is.


Monica Schroeder — So Far

Hey folks, have I got a treat for you. Monica Schroeder is one of my favorite singers, on account that she’s got one of those fabulously rich and warm voices that make you just melt, and she’s got a brand new album out, called So Far, which is just absolutely terrific all the way through: Schroeder’s wistful words and voice lay over a bed of subtle resonant electronics and invite you right in. If I had to describe it in an “X meets Y” sort of way I’d say “Sarah McLachlan meets Blue Nile,” which in my book would be a fabulous thing.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: Schroeder’s given me permission to play you the lead single from So Far, called “City Lights.” Click on the player below and you’ll hear it. Bask, people, bask!

Told you it was nice.

Want to hear more? Here’s her MySpace page, which features two more songs from the album. And once you’ve decided that you can’t live another moment without owning this album, you can get it off Amazon, CD Baby, Different Drum and iTunes (note: the last one of these will pop up the iTunes store).

Let me know what you think —

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