Official PlayStation Magazine, RIP

Oh, dear, looks like I’m out of a job:

Ziff Davis Game Group, the leading integrated media company focused on the video game sector, today announced that it will discontinue publication of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine after the January 2007 issue. The Game Group is laser-focused on continuing to expand its rapidly growing digital media presence and on further strengthening its multiplatform properties and powerful integrated network. As such, the Game Group has determined that Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, a property licensed from Sony Computer Entertainment America and limited to print, no longer fits its strategic vision.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing DVD reviews for OPM since 2000, and also wrote music reviews and opinion columns too. It’s actually been one of the longest writing gigs I’ve had, and a fun one, too; there are worse things than getting DVDs and music, you know? But if there’s one thing that’s true in writing, it’s that no gig lasts forever. Six years is a mighty fine run as these things go.

Before you ask: I’m fine, thanks, both emotionally and financially. If there’s one thing I keep telling people it’s that a writer’s path to happiness is multiple revenue streams, so that when one stream goes away — as they inevitably do — you have others in place to keep you from starvation, credit card juggling and landlord evasion. OPM is an important part of my income portfolio, to be sure, but I’m fortunate not to be hurting without it; turns out this crazy book-writing scheme I’ve got going is really beginning to pan out. I don’t even have to give up writing DVD reviews, since I still have my DVD review gig at the Dayton Daily News. So, yes, I’ll be looking for some work to replace the OPM income. But I have the luxury of not having to be frantic about it.

What I’ll miss is working the OPM folks, who are all good eggs, and particularly working with Joe Rybicki, who is excellent fellow and a very good friend of mine — I officiated his wedding, you know, and named a rather important character after him in The Last Colony. But I have reason to believe we’ll stay pretty close even if he’s no longer my editor, and I suspect that most of the OPM staffers will find their way into other sections of the Ziff-Davis magazine and Web site empire. This is one of those situations where I’m fairly sure almost everyone involved is going to land on their feet.

In any event, OPM was fun while it lasted. And the good news is, now I can take my sweet time in getting a PS3. I was worried I’d have to fight someone to get one sometime soon, and I really wasn’t looking forward to that. A small blessing, this, to be sure. But I’ll take it.


Busy, Busy

Athena’s home sick, I’m writing a short story and a book proposal, and I have to prepare for a library appearance this evening. No time to play today. Here, though: have an open thread. Topic to get you started:

Have anything you want to accomplish by the end of 2006?

Do tell.

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