Ha on You: An Open Pimp Thread

Two things:

1. I have an advance readers copy of Hal Duncan’s upcoming book Ink and you don’t, so neener neener neener;

2. I’m about to spend most of my day traveling, so unless I’m able to sign on to the airport’s wireless hub, which I never seem to be able to do, I’ll probably be out of communication for a while. While I’m gone, why not talk about you? Which is to say I declare this an “open pimp” thread, in which you can share and promote what’s going on with you. New books? New music? New baby? Tell the class! Also feel free to pimp others who are doing stuff you think is cool and exciting. Pimping is love, people. Pimping is love.

One procedural note: Remember that I’ve got the site set so that comments with more than two URLs in them get sent to the moderation queue, so unless you want your comment to cool its heels while I flit about the nation, don’t overdo the links. I’m just sayin’.

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