In Philly

Briefly: Traveling yesterday was an unremitting vortex of suck thanks to the weather — I got into Philly six hours late and rather more jostled than I would have liked to have been — but once I got here things picked up, and I had dinner with Charlie Stross and then hung out with a bar with Charlie, MaryAnn Johanson, and MaryAnn’s next door neighboor whose name my brain steadfastly refuses to offer up, possibly under protest that it’s almost 10am and I’ve not caffeinated yet. You’re about to get a paddlin’ for that, brain.

I’m off to get ready for a lunch-time chat at a local high school — that’s right, I’m going to spew “wisdom” to Teh Kidz — and then maybe I’ll, oh, I don’t know, sight see or something. Anyway, I’ll be back later.

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