Daily Archives: November 20, 2006

New Link for Subterranean Magazine #4

Bill Schaefer has changed the content on the Subterranean Press main page, so the previous link to Subterranean Magazine #4 is no longer there. If you want the link (or want to update it in your archives, use this link instead. It links directly to the .pdf and will be a permanent link. Enoy it, […]

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One of Those Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Sorts of Things

Here at the Scalzi Compound, both Krissy and I recently spent just about the same amount of money on different things entirely, and they both arrived here at the homestead today: Krissy got this lovely sofa set, with a big sofa in the foreground and the loveseat/ottoman combo in the background. See, prior to this […]

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Phun With Philcon

I’m back from Philcon, and relatively unscathed by the return travel — unlike the flight in, my trip back was not appreciably delayed by weather and/or airline incompetence and/or mysterious creatures on the wing at 20,000 feet, so that’s all to the good. It’s nice to be back home, however; four days is enough time […]

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