Bright Red Clouds


I was going to write a piece on what you need on your Web site if you’re a writer, but ironically it just doesn’t seem to be coming at the moment, and I have other things to do. So: Here, have a sunset. Not as spectacular as some I’ve posted before, but I like how the sun is setting those low clouds on fire.

Also, damn, Thanksgiving is barreling up on me. I’m so not ready for it, even though “being ready” largely equates to “opening my gullet and letting my mother-in-law slide food down it.” It still takes preparation, you know?

11 Comments on “Bright Red Clouds”

  1. I’m gonna try and go for a big bike ride early Thanksgiving morning. Either it’ll help jump start my metabolism, or the smells of everyone’s cooking food will kill me.

  2. John,

    that is a nice sunset and like you, I try to take the time to appreciate these everyday occurances and not take for granted how truely amazing is this world upon which we dwell!!

    Have a happy turkey day, I know I will!!

  3. Wait, I’ve got it. What every Writer’s Blog needs: Add four multiple scroll-length screeds about “not having enough time to write,” each having eight typos, two run-ons, and ten frags, and a few wondering apostrophe errors, all concluding with the statement, “gotta run, my favorite show is on TV and I’m missing it.” Stir-fry twelve links to writers and writer help pages including one to Writers Beware and PublishAmerica (yippie, I sold my novel!). Boil one mid length rant about how the “industry” is out to get them. Toss to combine, add four months of no posts, then a link to “Buy My New Book from PA, complain to Borders that they don’t carry it,” and then ten months of silence until the blog is declared officially dead.

  4. “And what to my wondering aprostrophe’s appear
    A miniature slay and eight of Tiny’s reindeer.”

    These typos brought to you by freezing fingers after rewiring Xmas Decorations outside.

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