Daily Archives: November 28, 2006

Some Good Advice

My pal Joe Rybicki is moving on from his job as editor at Official US PlayStation Magazine (in no small part due to the fact the magazine is closing up shop on Thursday), but before he saunters off into the editorial sunset, he’s posted some thoughts about business, gaming and life in general over at […]

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For When You’re Shopping Your Brains Out: A Bookseller Pimp Thread

I’m not saying that you’re planning on putting The Android’s Dream on your holiday shopping lists, or even that you should, although, clearly, if you don’t, we’ll have to sell Athena to the salt mines, and with her bad neck and all, how long will she last? Really? However. If you are thinking of putting […]

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Your GNR Report

Before it all fades back into a haze of memory and pot smoke, thoughts on the Guns N’ Roses concert I went to Saturday night: * First, it was really good. I had heard that the aborted 2002 series of concerts had been a big fat mess, but this time around, at least, the band […]

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