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My pal Joe Rybicki is moving on from his job as editor at Official US PlayStation Magazine (in no small part due to the fact the magazine is closing up shop on Thursday), but before he saunters off into the editorial sunset, he’s posted some thoughts about business, gaming and life in general over at his blog. It’s good stuff and worth checking out. So, you know. Check it out.

7 Comments on “Some Good Advice”

  1. What? OPM going under? Why have I not heard of this yet? WHY HAVEN’T THEY TOLD ME!!!!!!

    That was my favorite magazine ever! I even still have issues left!

  2. Joe Ribicki blog proves my point (that’s still in your mouth)… OPM is a toilet, and people like Joe fill it with crap.
    Magazines like OPM think as long as a game is released, they don’t care if the game is badly edited (like Xenosaga episode 3). Company’s talk down to gamers, or replace programers to the point of having sequal’s made by people who had nothing to do with the original… doesn’t matter.
    So if the people at OPM don’t care about gamers (or it’s subscribers), why should anyone care about them as well?

  3. Alienlove, are you, like, 13 or something? I really want to know, because that would explain quite a bit.

    Leaving aside your point, of which there isn’t much (aside from confusing the game companies with OPM, your comment shows that you don’t actually appear to read the magazine, which was consistently one of the best-edited and best-written of the game magazines), you seem to go out of your way to say what you want to say in the most obnoxious way possible. I mean, really: your point is still in my mouth? That’s even worse than rude: It’s lame.

    Since you clearly can’t do wit, do the next best thing and try to lower your dickhead quotient when you comment, or you’re going to find yourself without the ability to comment here at all.

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