Cover Me: A Musical Open Thread

I owe somebody something and they’re getting justifiably twitchy about, so I’m off to my sea-side writing bungalow to get it done. Or maybe my mountain writing bungalow! Possibly the African veldt writing bungalow. So many writing bungalows.

Oh, wait, I don’t actually have any writing bungalows. I’m just going to sit here at my desk and unplug the DSL. Crap.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Have an open thread. To get you started, a topic:

You can hire any band/singer/music artist in the world to cover any song you want — Who is the singer and what is the song? Difficulties: band/singer/artist must be alive and working; also, the cover version must not currently exist in the real world. Also, make it something you’d actually want to listen to — don’t make it wacky just for wacky’s sake. That’s too easy, you know? “Fields of the Nephelim doing ‘MmmBop’ by Hanson!” Yes, yes, very clever. But to listen to it would be madness.

I have two:

1. Alison Moyet covering the Waterboys’ “This is the Sea”

2. The Cure covering Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl”

Your turn.

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