Daily Archives: December 1, 2006

What I Suspect Will Be the Last of These for 2006

Rain storm last night. Wind storm right now. Snow storm on its way. But we did have a nice rainbow this morning, so there’s that. More work to do. Off to do it.

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Jonathan Coulton Interview Excerpts (Which Are Actually Far Longer Than the Interview Itself)

I believe I mentioned earlier that I had interviewed Jonathan Coulton, the Internet’s favorite geek singer, prior in advance of his concert appearance here in Dayton (which, incidentally, will be Saturday, December 2, at the Canal Street Tavern, 308 First St., at 9:30, tickets $10). The interview is up at the Dayton Daily News site […]

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Arrrr! Or Is It “Yarrrrr!”? I Always Get the Two Confused

John Joseph Adams, aka The Slushgod, has sent me along a note letting me know that he’s guest-editing a special pirate-themed edition of Shimmer magazine for its Summer 2007 issue, which I knew, and that the reading period for that issue is now open, which I didn’t. So if you happen to have a pirate […]

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Oh, Dear

You know, I can’t tell whether this guy thinks these things actually happened. Read down to the bottom of his column and tell me whether it seems like he’s reporting the particular one he notes as a factual event. Update, 10:15am: Oh, and for added chuckles, someone introduced the “Ayn Rand’s A Selfish Christmas” to […]

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