Daily Archives: December 5, 2006

An Interview With Karen Traviss

Author interview week over at By The Way continues with what I think is a really good interview with Karen Traviss, she of the “wess’har” series (the latest installment of which is Matriarch) and a number of Star Wars titles, including the most recent Bloodlines. Traviss is a fun interview, primarily because she’s largely unfiltered […]

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SF Snark?

In the thread talking about Orson Scott Card’s Empire, and why I don’t usually slag SF writers or books here at the Whatever, Theophylact asks in the comment thread: I’m very fond of your blog, and I’m perfectly happy with your “Boost, Don’t Knock” approach. But where should I go for intelligent, well-informed SF snark? […]

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Pure Insanity

Some fellow is auctioning off a first edition hardcover of Old Man’s War on eBay. No idea what the reserve price is, but the “Buy It Now” price the dude has listed is $490. Four hundred ninety dollars. And it’s not even autographed! See, now, that’s just nuts. Flattering, yes. But nuts. However, it does […]

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