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An Interview With Karen Traviss

Author interview week over at By The Way continues with what I think is a really good interview with Karen Traviss, she of the “wess’har” series (the latest installment of which is Matriarch) and a number of Star Wars titles, including the most recent Bloodlines. Traviss is a fun interview, primarily because she’s largely unfiltered […]

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SF Snark?

In the thread talking about Orson Scott Card’s Empire, and why I don’t usually slag SF writers or books here at the Whatever, Theophylact asks in the comment thread: I’m very fond of your blog, and I’m perfectly happy with your “Boost, Don’t Knock” approach. But where should I go for intelligent, well-informed SF snark? […]

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Audio Versions of My Books: Available or Not?

I’ve been asked this several times in e-mail this week, so let me go ahead and address this topic publicly. People want to know if there are or are planned any audiobook versions of my work. The answer is no: Right now, there are no audiobook versions of any of my work, and as far […]

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Pure Insanity

Some fellow is auctioning off a first edition hardcover of Old Man’s War on eBay. No idea what the reserve price is, but the “Buy It Now” price the dude has listed is $490. Four hundred ninety dollars. And it’s not even autographed! See, now, that’s just nuts. Flattering, yes. But nuts. However, it does […]

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Empire, Elections and SF Promotional Philosophy

I was asked in e-mail if I had any thoughts about Orson Scott Card’s latest book Empire, in which OSC posits a civil war between the lefties and the righties here in the US. Well, I haven’t read the book other than a quick glance at portions of it posted online, so I don’t have […]

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