Spammity Spam Spam

I’m getting hit with a massive amount of comment spam today, much of which is getting through my filters, and I’m fiddling to make it go away. A side effect of this may be that I accidentally delete an occasional legitimate comment. If this happens to you, don’t take it personally, please, just go ahead and repost. Thanks.

An Interview With Charles Stross

Author Interview Week continues over at By The Way with a conversation with Charlie Stross, who is always a blast to talk to and read. Here he talks about his latest, The Jennifer Morgue, which is everything you could want, if what you want is a mad and delirious mash-up between Ian Fleming and HP Lovecraft — and if you don’t want that, what’s wrong with you? Honestly. We also talk about Accelerando and Glasshouse, Charlie’s days in the pharmacy trade, writing tips, and what it’s like to be a Guest of Honor at science fiction conventions, which Charlie is so often these days. It’s so crammed with interestingabilitynessosity that, if you don’t read this interview, all the rest of your days will taste of ashes. I’m just saying.