An Interview With Sarah Hoyt

I continue my Author Interview Week over at By the Way with an interview with the prolific Sarah Hoyt, who recently had two novels released within days of each other, Death of a Musketeer and Draw One in the Dark, thereby showing just what sort of slackers the rest of us authors are. We’ll be sending thugs to break her typing fingers soon. In the meantime we chat about playing in Dumas’ sandbox, why shapeshifting fantasies are big these days, and the pros and cons of writing under a pen name. Lots of interesting stuff here.

4 Comments on “An Interview With Sarah Hoyt”

  1. John,you are an interviewing MACHINE.

    Hoyt is totally new to me but the fact that she has roots in European soil makes me interested.

    In the mystery genre many if not most of the best books of the past few years have been either written by authors for whom English is a second language or by ex-pat types who are exploring a foreign culture.

    Because of that I now have a strong desire to visit Venice,Bangkok,Sicily,Tibet and several other exotic destinations.

    I guess visiting medieval Europe is out of the question,though.Ah,well.Don’t have the time anyway.Guess I’ll just have to read Hoyt’s book.

    Dumas was a boyhood favorite of mine.Boys just love swashbuckling.

  2. That would be a Greg Manchess cover. He actually painted it during an art demo at the Society of Illustrators — lots of fun to watch it come togther in front of an audience.

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