An Interview With Sean Williams

My Author Interview Week over at By The Way closes out today with a chat with Sean Williams, whose ass-kicking Books of the Cataclysm series is being published by the folks over at Pyr Books, and the second of which, The Blood Debt, is finally here on our shores by their good graces. Williams goes into detail about the books, playing in the Star Wars universe, collaborating with others and why it’s good to take a break every now and then. I agree.

1 Comments on “An Interview With Sean Williams”

  1. The excellent photo of Sean Williams was a cool touch.He really looks like a successful young(ish) GenX-er at the height of his career.

    South Australia sounds like another exotic travel destination for me to put on my growing list.

    I’ve always shied away from the younger generation of fantasy writers.I (and I’m sure a lot of boomer types) feel that the whole genre is still eclipsed by the shadow of JRRT.

    Your interview finds me liking Sean as an individual. I might just have to give his writing a try.