Please to Enjoy This Seasonal Photo Set, or Else

Athena poses in her Christmas dress. This is primarily for the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, but there’s nothing stopping the rest of you from checking out the set, too. I should note the battle axe appears only once.


Proof, Damn You

Given that I lied to you all about the sore toe thing, when I noted that I sore thumb, some of you have doubt that I actually had a sort thumb. So here’s proof that I did indeed gnaw my thumbnail way down past what is truly advisable:

It feels better now, though.

Update, 6:49pm:
Whatever reader Pixelfish, responding to requests, offers up this photo mashup:



The Sagan Diary Cover Art

Here it is:

The art is done by Bob Eggleton, who did the artwork for “Questions for a Soldier” as well, making him the house illustrator of OMW universe short fiction. Bob’s also sent in some interior artwork as well, and of that let me just say that if you’ve ever wondered what Jane Sagan actually looks like, this will be your chance to find out.

Speaking of The Sagan Diary, a couple of folks have asked me whether the version of that’s for sale on Amazon will be the one where you can have your name added in as a member of Company D (as noted here). The answer is no: To become part of the Old Man’s War universe continuity, you need to order the Limited Edition from the Subterranean Press site (here’s the link). Amazon is selling the limited edition as well, but ordering it from there will not allow Subterranean to get your name down for inclusion in the book. So if you want your name in, hit Subterranean’s site.

And yes, there is still time to get in your name (or the name of someone you want included in your stead). But not too much longer: It’s going to be out in February, which means it’s to the printer sometime in January. I’ll post a final call when it gets to be closing time, of course.

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