Proof, Damn You

Given that I lied to you all about the sore toe thing, when I noted that I sore thumb, some of you have doubt that I actually had a sort thumb. So here’s proof that I did indeed gnaw my thumbnail way down past what is truly advisable:


It feels better now, though.

Update, 6:49pm:
Whatever reader Pixelfish, responding to requests, offers up this photo mashup:


40 Comments on “Proof, Damn You”

  1. I dunno. I mean, how do we know it’s your thumb? (See what happens when that trust thing gets all out of whack.)

  2. Ewww. Ewewewewewewewewewewewewew. Ewwww!!

    All those in favour of Krissy taking John out for his first manicure (and an optional set of acrylic nails with an astronomical theme), raise your hands. *squints* Looks unanimous to me.

  3. The thing is John, everyone tells you that it’s wrong to gnaw on your fingernails, but no one ever says anything about thumbnails. So, I’m going to say that chewing your thumbnail is perfectly fine.

  4. Surely the sex scene wasn’t that bad to write. I thought it was just the eyes rolling, I didn’t know it was meant to be a nail bitter. Dang.

    Say, ever try hot sauce on your fingernails, or garlic powder? It works wonders with stopping the cats.

  5. I’m not of the opinion that biting my nails is an actual problem. They just shear off badly from time to time.

  6. Hmm… sympathy? Or indignant outrage for being abused as a part of an unwitting social engineering project? Or kudos for showing an Unbeliever the Power which is The Whatever?


    Okay, sorry you did that to your thumbnail. The good new is the East German gives you a 9.5 for symmetrically ripping it all the way across — I always go for the deep rip on one side only — but the East German judge has issues with his past career with the secret police. And to rub salt in the wound, How’s that new UPS unit on your computers doin’?

    Dr. Phil

  7. All we need now is a cat photoshopped in saying “I’m in ur house, bitin’ ur thumbnail” and it would be perfect.

  8. Sorry, but I spent all my sympathy on a bogus toe injury.

    Rule of thumb: stop gnawing when you hit the skin line.

  9. I think you need to show THAT to your interviewer. If this ain’t one dedicated bunch of readers, I don’t know what is.


  10. Man… Sharper Image always seems to come up with some new kick-ass personal grooming devices around this time of year, don’t they?

    Hygiene Kitty says, “Show Support! Keep ’em Short!”

  11. Thanks for this, John. Now, whenever anyone complains about the picture of my toenails on my blog, I’ll just send them here to be even more grossed out.

  12. Did you ever notice, that when you bite your nails down to where it insanely hurts, it only lasts for about 20 minutes and then magically goes away?

    I’m a chronic nail biter, so I literallyfeel your pain.

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