Daily Archives: December 11, 2006

Apocalypto Now

Being a professional watcher of the film industry as I am, I was asked what I thought it meant that Mel Gibson’s latest film Apocalypto opened at #1 at the box office, and my answer is: Not a whole lot. The film grossed $14 million over the weekend, which makes one of the least highest-grossing […]

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It’s the Little Victories That Mean the Most

Happiness is: Finding the common element in the hundreds of spam comment messages one has been getting, popping it into the spam filter, and watching dozens of subsequent spam messages fail spectacularly. That’ll make me happy for days, or until the spammers figure out a workaround.

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As Regards The Passing of a Notorious South American

I am filled with delight at the thought of Augusto Pinochet having his eternally-regenerating testicles forever gnawed upon by Satan’s legions of ravenous, ball-chomping Hell Hounds. And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Vaya con diablos, Pinochet.

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More “Sagan Diary” Goodness

SCI FI Wire has a short interview from me on “The Sagan Diary,” in which I talk a little bit about writing the novelette and how it came about. It’s here. Enjoy!

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