OMW & TGB Collector’s Editions

A brief announcement that will be of interest to you folks what like collecting: Subterranean Press and Tor have reached a tentative agreement for Subterranean to produce limited hardcover editions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades in 2007. These editions will include cover art and illustrations by Bob Eggleton, and will be pretty small runs: 400 of the Limited Signed Edition and 15 Lettered Signed Editions. As I understand it, they’ll go for $60 and $200, respectively.

For those of you who have signed up for the Limited Edition of The Sagan Diary, Subterranean will be offering a deal wherein you can reserve the same copy number of OMW & TGB — So, if you get #65 of The Sagan Diary, you can get #65 of OMW and TGB as well, so later, when I have my horrible and tragic death involving Paris Hilton, a jar of maraschino cherries and a can of WD-40, you can sell the whole matching set on eBay for ridiculous sums of cash. See? It pays off to be a collector after all.

I’ll have more details later, including when you can preorder OMW and TGB, and, if you’re in for a matching set of OMW-universe tomes, how you can set that up with Subterranean. For now, I’d just thought you’d like to know what’s coming down the pike.

11 Comments on “OMW & TGB Collector’s Editions”

  1. WD-40 and maraschino cherries? Okay, either one works with Paris,. Although, really, anything “cherry” and Paris just causes cognizant dissonance interference that is distracting, but I can see it working. But together?

  2. Scalzicce, prophetize and say: when I have my horrible and tragic death involving Paris Hilton, a jar of maraschino cherries and a can of WD-40..

    I suspect were that to really happen, Krissy would bring you both back to life and re-kill you both herself.

    All the wd-40 couldn’t get you out of that one.

  3. Chang, you eat BRAINZ in front of customers? Ewww.

    You know, unless you’re eating the customer’s BRAINZ. Then I wouldn’t be saying aything but looking for the alka-seltzer or tums.

  4. Just for the hell of it, a quote featuring Paris Hilton:

    Thomas Pynchon simply chooses not to be a public figure, an attitude that resonates on a frequency so out of phase with that of the prevailing culture that if Pynchon and Paris Hilton were ever to meet — the circumstances, I admit, are beyond imagining — the resulting matter/antimatter explosion would vaporize everything from here to Tau Ceti IV.
    — Arthur Salm

  5. Scalzi, I love and respect your work… but Paris Hilton?

    Ewwwww. Several MAGNITUDES of EWWWWWWW.

    Also, I agree with Chang, but only partly. That is to say, I think Krissy would kill you for being with Paris Hilton before she could re-kill you. “You only live twice” and all that.

    (I know that makes no sense. But, dammit, I want it that way. Well, that and I can’t think of anything as good as what Chang already wrote. Damn you, Chang, and your comedic talents! *shakes fist*)

  6. Also, before anyone gets any ideas, my love for Scalzi’s work is purely a platonic, manly one. We’re just *very good friends*. Nothing to see here, move along, folks.

  7. Seriously tempting. Now if I can only get the set completed with the matching numbered limited edition copy of The Last Colony then my bookshelf will be complete. Then, of course, I will build another bookshelf but that’s a whole ‘nother story…