Daily Archives: December 14, 2006

You Can Get This Book For Free. You Should Buy It.

Since I’ve finished “The Sagan Diary” I’ve taken up reading Peter Watts’ Blindsight, which I bought a couple of weeks ago. As noted by others, it’s a terrific book, with all the hard SF goodness you’d want, and more besides, and seems a likely contender for various SF awards next year. So, yeah, if you’re […]

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First Novels First Or Not

For the novelists in the crowd, Toby Buckell is putting together a survey on the subject of first novels, and whether the first novel a writer sells is, in fact, the first novel they ever wrote. Most writers know all too well that their first published novel is often the third or sixth or tenth […]

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Ugh and Crap

Woke up past 10:30, could barely drag my ass out of bed, and apparently a flock of seagulls dumped a load in the back of my throat. Yup, I’m sick. Now I have to catch up with a whole bunch of stuff. Be back later. In the meantime, enjoy this other Flock of Seagulls. They […]

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