Modeling Only the Finest in Modern Sheep Wear


This was a gift from my friend Karen, who I adored before but now adore just that much more. It’s definitely my new favorite t-shirt.

How was your Christmas and/or Monday?

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  1. Absolutely love the shirt! I’m hanging about, drinking amaretto w/ lime after finally getting home from the inevitable treks to family and friends this fine Christmas Day. Did I mention I’m surfing the intraweb because I’m bored out of my skull? Luckily you have alot to write about.

    Hope you can relax before getting back to work.

    Have a wonderful rest of the evening.

  2. That’s hilarious. I can’t think of a more perfect gift.

    My Christmas was pretty good with the typical running around and non-stop cooking. So, right now, I’m just winding down with a little hot chocolate and Amaretto (sorry Kate. But it’s hard finding limes in Wisconsin on Christmas day).

  3. Love the shirt. We, on the other hand, chose to consume a large portion of a lamb, while doing damage to the world population of potato(e)s and asparagii as well. I got new toys for the camera, not terribly exciting, but welcome (when am I _ever_ going to shoot an 8G card full in one day? And I shoot everything in raw.) Also, a beautiful 9″ sushi knife that is likely illegal to even think about here in NYC, and which probably should come with a scabbard. And Pynchon’s new novel. And a current copy of Black’s Law Dictionary (I’m really warped, I know). So on the materialist front, I’m pretty happy. I need to build the Mom a commerce site before we open up again next year, but that’s not too bad (I am, in fact, totally lame for not getting it done before the holidays, and I make no excuse other than that I totally have one).

    And the kitty got her trash pile, which is the most important part. Aside from being subtly rude to family after having slightly too much to drink. Wait, did I say that out loud?

  4. That teeshirt made me laugh out loud. Is it actually shiny, or is that just the way the picture came out?

    By the way, I like the new layout you’ve got going over here. The picture of Athena really works.

    And my Christmas was quite fabulous, thanks for asking. There was pie. And to the great amusement of all witnesses, my rabbit discovered candycane.

  5. Wonderful t-shirt! Since my wife gave me T.A.D., it was fun to see that you also received a sheepish gift.

    We had a delightfully mall-free holiday season, and ended up making most of the presents we gave (with the exception of a couple of books we gave to each other.) It was a lot of work, but now that the holiday is winding down, I find that I’m more satisfied with my holiday efforts than I have been for quite a while.

  6. Phillip K Dick would be so proud! Wonderful weekend here in snowy snowy snowy Colorado. After shoveling the driveway (again), I was able to complete writing four chapters in my latest novel!

    Happy holidays! Glad I came across your blog.


  7. 1) Nice shirt!

    2) We had a very relaxed Christmas. Just my boyfriend and myself and no fuss to make any traditional food. We just had an extra nice dinner and exchanged presents.

  8. Xmas at the Chang’s was great!

    Got up at 7AM to open present with the kid (Chang got no brainz for Christmas! But I did get Night of the Living Dead and Carnival of Souls on DVD!). Then chillaxed until we went out at Noon for an Azande mass. There’s nothing quite like African dancing, drums, home made marimbas, drums and ululating on Christmas!

    Perhaps my favorite gift was the rejection letter I got from F&SF for a short story of mine. Details here! I’m having it framed today!

    Happy Boxing Day to all Whateverers. Treat your servants well!

  9. 1. The shirt is fantastic! Your friend did a bang up job. Hell she should sell those, I would buy one.

    2 For Christmas I was able to spend some quality time with my girlfriend and family. The 5 hours of laughing and joking after “the feast” was better than any boxed gift I got for Christmas this year. By the way Happy Holiday’s to John and all of the WHATEVER readers.

  10. Jim, I know what you mean about the company being better than the gifts. I got some pretty sweet l00t this year, but playing MarioKart with my siblings until Stupid O’Clock definetely won the day. We’d have pulled out the Nerf guns, but it was raining.

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