A Fine Selection of 2006 Sunsets

They await you beyond the cut. Enjoy in all their dusky splendor. And remember: Ohio is sunset country.

3.25.06: This one is a sun pillar — the actual sun is setting below what looks like the sun.









14 Comments on “A Fine Selection of 2006 Sunsets”

  1. Great photos, John. You have a gift. Is there any way I could get a hi-res (or medium-res, whatever) version of 8.3.06? I love the lighted foreground with the darkened red sky behind.

  2. Jesus, man. You should take some of those to show that Rembrandt guy you’re taking Athena to see. He’d probably be impressed.


  3. Nice picture’s (or photography), I think I should start paying more attention…I’m in south Dayton.

  4. It’s pretty and good shots, but at the same time it reminds me of those horror movies you know bad things happen when the sun goes down. Any one see the “Ring,” they use the setting of the sun as forshadowing of crappy things happening to people.

    Any who GREAT SHOTS.

  5. *swipe*

    Nice. One of these is going to be my next desktop background, once I get tired of the Penny Arcade one I just got recently.

    For the record, we get pretty good sunsets in Iraq too (they also do a nice sunrise over here, as I’ve seen plenty of those too), something about the desert. I cannot prove this, however, as my camera is antiquated and not particularly useful for pictures.

  6. I seem to recall you mentioning that you had a silly amount of storage and bandwidth available through the provider that hosts the Whatever. Any chance of some higher res copies of those photos for use as desktops and whatnot?

  7. John,

    Shame on you.

    Is it not enough that you live in the paradisiacal wonderland that is Ohio? Do you have to rub it in with photos of the sun melting into our fertile farmland?

    Pretty soon, hippies from California and stock brokers from New York will be migrating to Darke County for a taste of the sweet life.

  8. I would love to see if you took a picture of say, some random tree in the yard everyday and made it as a flipbook, showing the change from season to season. The tricky part would be taking it from the same place, at the correct time (noon?) for 365 days. I don’t suppose anyone is that motivated, though.

  9. You must have an amazing camera!!! *sigh*

    A nice camera doesn’t hurt, but it’s way more about the monkey behind the camera. I’ve seen amazing photos taken w’ a point and shoot, and a lot of crappy snapshots taken w’ really expensive cameras. Let’s give some credit where it’s due eh people?

    Nice stuff John. Keep it up! :)