2006: The Year in Athena Pictures

Because it’s not like I’m under the illusion that any of you come here because of me.

More pictures after the jump.

11 Comments on “2006: The Year in Athena Pictures”

  1. Your daughter is a gem. Her exuberant personality comes through in the pictures.

    My wife was an editor at a small town paper. She’s had her picture taken a number of times for various reasons. We both noticed that the pictures that were taken by people who liked her were more flattering.

  2. Cut to: Int. Scalzi doorway.
    A young man in an ill-fitting tuxedo stands at the door, self-consciously scratching a zit.

    Athena: MOM!(three syllables), Daddy’s making Jeff sit down for a Whatever interview and pictures before he’ll let us go to the prom! Make him stop.

  3. Nah, more than likely John’ll be like I was when mine came of dating age … I suddenly felt it necessary to be cleaning sidearms in the living room when said PFK (Pimply Faced Kids) showed up with designs on my daughter’s virginity.

  4. I think I like Athena-the-rock-goddess best.

    You realize, you have created a moral commitment to keep doing this until Athena reaches her majority, at least.

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