Resolutions for 2007

So, you got any?

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  1. Hmm, I think that look is more, “Get near me with more bacon and you’ll be bird feed.”

    Work hard at the writing, and get paid for publishing it (or at least the promise of payment when it’s published).

  2. I’m considering “exercise at least a little every day”, but knowing me I wouldn’t keep it.

  3. 1) Burp the alphabet without ruining another shirt.

    2) Establish a non-profit rescue clinic for abandoned emus.

    3) Get a Mike Tyson face tattoo.

    Other than that, same ol’, same ol’.

  4. I resolve to:

    Put on weight

    Do as little work as possible

    And continue to be rude to drivers on the road who do not know what their indicators are for, or understand “keep a safe distance”.

    I figured I’d go for easy to keep this year.

  5. Well, it’s more of a goal than a resolution, but I’d love to get a book review of a science fiction book published on Slashdot.

  6. Where did the resolution custom start, does anyone know?

    I lived in the Bay Area for a year back in the early 80s. San Francisco’s Financial District has, or at least used to have, a wonderful New Year custom of people ripping the pages out of their old year’s calendars (desk calendars, organizers, whatever) and tossing them out of the high-rise office windows like so much confetti.

    I don’t know if they still do that.

  7. ** Move with my partner to someplace with fewer people and more trees.

    And I have two resolutions that have become standard:

    ** Pay attention.
    ** Be more venturesome.

  8. I live in New York. Our Financial District has a wonderful New Year custom of people taking phone books, folks from middle-management (anything large or heavy), and tossing them out of the high-rise office windows like so much confetti.

    Oh, how we laugh!

  9. I resolve to post more cat photos in 2007. Not difficult, as said cat wasn’t part of the family until October. I may, however, have to add a second cat for 2008.

  10. In both expected order of completion and difficulty:

    1. Get out of Iraq.

    2. Spend some time in France, probably Paris.

    3. Start running again (that is, running in my free time, not running at the whim of the Army while it’s still dark outside).

    4. Buy some property, with an eye to renting for profit.

    I’m sorta tempted to put “quit smoking” on there, but I’m not going to.

  11. On a serious note,

    1) Hire new teachers so I get my ass some rest.

    2) Lose some libra pondas cuz Chang is heavyyyyyyy!

    3) Finish my novel and send the thing out by Dec. 31st, 2007 like the psychic told me to.

    4) Get at least 2 of my short stories published.

    5) Be more disciplined: more yoga, more writing, more sex, more fun, more everything.

    6) Be a better teacher, father, husband, lover, writer, ninja and harpsichord repair man.

  12. Resolved: Retire from the flippin’ Navy and find out what this civilian thing is all about and why people seem to enjoy it so much.

    Settle down in the Alaskan MatSu where people don’t shoot at me (mostly), watch it snow, watch my kid grow up, play in the snow, mush dogs, plow snow, work in my woodshop, shovel snow, drink birch syrup by the pint, blow snow, and finish my novel (because, seriouly, aren’t WE all writing a novel?).

    To Gordon, “Get out of Iraq.” My thoughts are with you, Shipmate, stay safe. And in France, try the Southern Coast, Toulon area especially out in the French countryside. The beaches are pretty damn nice, the pace is a lot slower, food’s pretty good, and the people aren’t such assholes.

    Happy new year all//Jim Wright

  13. Just like birthday wishes, if I tell people what my New Year’s Resolutions are, they won’t come true.

    I will say that since early December, I’ve started limiting myself to one non-diet pop and one (or more :( ) diet pop a day. Some of you in your nutritional ivory towers may gasp that some people drink so many soft drinks, what with the related health risks. Well, that’s why I’m cutting down. Heck, back in high school I’d put away two-liters of Mountain Dew at a time!

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