I Eated It!

My wife asked me to do a couple of things for her yesterday while she was shopping, to which I said, “All right, but when you come back, I want a cookie.”

“What kind of cookie?” she asked.

“A special cookie,” I said.



Mmm…. special cookie.

11 thoughts on “I Eated It!

  1. I fear that this documentation of “the cookie” is not up to your usual high standards. Where, sir, is the visual reference in the photo that would indicate the size of “the cookie”.

    Until I see proof to the contrary, I will choose to believe that “the cookie” is/was slightly larger than your head.

  2. The vacuum disaster didn’t technically hurt Krissy, unless John’s vitriolic cursing offended her.

    And I’m with Lisa. That icing looks licked.

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