Goodbye 2006

Lopsided Cat says: So long, 2006. You were mighty tasty. Indeed it was, Lopsided Cat. Indeed it was.

You now have less than 24 hours left in 2006. There are many ways you could be spending this time. In front of your computer shouldn’t be one of them. Scoot. See you next year.

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  1. Now there’s a bit less than 13 hours left of 2006 here and I’m still in front of my compuiter, so there! ;0P

    Happy New Year to you, your family and anyone reading this!

  2. There are many ways you could be spending this time. In front of your computer shouldn’t be one of them

    You haven’t seen the weather here. Not that I’m saying it’s raining hard, but somewhere on the Lanarkshire moors there is this real old guy building a ship, wants two of every animal. I suggested leaving the humans behind this time.

    Happy Hogmanay.

  3. same for here in Omaha. It’s raining and may or not be freezing on the streets. Yippee Skippy!

    Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

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    Some of what needs doing to round out the year must be done in front of the computer.

    But you’re right, I shan’t spend all day here. Even though the Lopsided Cat makes me smile.

    Happy New Year, John.

  5. Dang, you’re right. I got to go out and get more sauerkraut and ice cream before the stores close.

    And Lopsided can touch his nose with his tongue, mighty handy adapation that is.

  6. Went out and bought smoked salmon and a bottle of St. Hillaire. Trying desperately to hunt down a copy of “Little Miss Sunshine” to buy or rent for the wife tonight.

    Tomorrow is no work, pancakes and mimosas in the AM.

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  7. A little more than 10 hours to EST New Year.

    A little more than 1.5 hours to starting to cook the standing rib roast that’s been dry aging for 3 days. (don’t ask how much that hunk-o-meat cost).

    Happy New Year to all.

    The GF and I will be at Pratt University where the Plant Engineer has been collecting ship and factory whistles and bells and calliope parts and what-not for years. He hooks them all up together and blasts them at midnight. All the churches in the neighborhood have started joining in with bell. We’ve never gone before, but last year I heard it from 12 blocks away.

  8. And here I’d been hoping you’d post a picture of a champaigne glass that I could clink mine with at the stroke of midnight…

    Why have you forsaken me?!

  9. I’m currently in front of my computer for a very good reason. It’s going to be 2007 and I’m surfing Amazon looking to order a Rocket Belt and a Lunar time-share. We’re over half a decade into the 21st Century and all that scifi I’ve been reading since the 60’s promised me that I’d have COOL STUFF by now. I’m not waiting any longer, I want my rocket belt now!

  10. You haven’t seen the weather here.

    Word. It’s like 48 degrees here and it’s not going to get above 60 all week. /whinycalifornian

    We are, however, all going to be huddled around the computer at midnight watching the countdown since we don’t have TV.

  11. Lopsided Cat looks a lot like my cat, Pixel (Click on my name for a picture). Do you know if there is a name for this particular coloration?

  12. Nah. Once you’ve gotten drunk at one bar on New Year’s, you’ve gotten drunk at them all.


    You haven’t lived until you’ve crawled through the sawdust on all fours at McSorley’s, hurling like a rabid jackal and fending off rib-kicks from a seventy year-old Irish waiter.

    Good times, good times.

  13. Scott,

    McSorley’s hasn’t been the same since those damned Libbers made ’em let the Wimmins in. Granted, I was ten when that happened, but Dabnabbit!

    Rib roast has achieved 72 degrees core temperature.


    Backing away from the ‘puter now.

  14. I’m curious – does anyone else set off fireworks for New Year’s or is just that a Louisiana thing?

    I’m out to blow stuff up – I have an obscene amount of loud-noise-and-bright-sparkly-light-makers and less than 6 hours to enjoy them. Neighbors have been going for hours, if not days, but I wanted to at least wait for dark.

    The neighborhood cats are not amused.

  15. But why would we be anywhere else?

    (Downstairs? With the snoring Squirrelfriend?)

    (oh, you mean other people, like, go outside on new year’s eve?)

  16. I’m curious – does anyone else set off fireworks for New Year’s or is just that a Louisiana thing?

    It’s a worldwide phenomena. :) Often the really big official ones are broadcast on TV as different parts of the world reach midnight at different times.

    As for where I am (coastal Georgia), people have been setting things off since 6pm.

  17. Ooh! Do I get to be the last comment of the year? I’ve got about 5 minutes before the Disney fireworks start. I’ll go out on my balcony to watch them.

    …of course the idiots across the street will probably be out with some of their own, just like July 4.

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

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