Daily Archives: January 1, 2007

Now in Magenta

For those of you who were complaining earlier in the day that the background color of the Whatever looked like the color of kitty litter (presumably unused kitty litter), allow me to point out the latest innovation of the Whatever: The ability to change background colors on the fly. Right now the color is a […]

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Some New Year’s Reading for You From Elizabeth Bear

If you have more ambition for yourself this new year’s day than just staring glassy-eyed into the TV as young men pummel each other in bowl games, allow me to suggest the novella “Lucifugous” by my pal and Campbell Award predecessor Elizabeth Bear, which begins its serialization on the Subterranean Press site today. It’s part […]

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Crazy Screechy Monkeys 1, Best-Selling Author 0

Best-selling author Laurell K. Hamilton borrows Anne Rice’s crazy hat and unloads, at length, on some detractors on a message board. Now, why you, as an author, shouldn’t follow Ms. Hamilton’s example: It makes you look like an asstard. Here’s the thing. Some people won’t like your books. If these people also have access to […]

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Some Whatevery

Oh, hey. You’re up. Well, as long as you’re up, some stuff about the Whatever: * As those of you who are not obscenely hung over and/or have over-aggressive Web caches may have noted, I have yet again changed the look of the Whatever, fresh for ’07, sucka. Let me just say that these new […]

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