Some New Year’s Reading for You From Elizabeth Bear

If you have more ambition for yourself this new year’s day than just staring glassy-eyed into the TV as young men pummel each other in bowl games, allow me to suggest the novella “Lucifugous” by my pal and Campbell Award predecessor Elizabeth Bear, which begins its serialization on the Subterranean Press site today. It’s part of Bear’s upcoming mosaic novel New Amsterdam, also available from Subterranean, which is available for pre-order.

The first chapter of “Lucifugous” is up today; there’ll be another chapter each weekday. And now you have a reason to live, at least for the first couple of weeks of January. After that, hey, pal, you’re on your own.

12 Comments on “Some New Year’s Reading for You From Elizabeth Bear”

  1. No, thank you, I have been aspiring to watch the New Year’s bowl games for a while now. Too bad they’re all on in the middle of the night and I have to be up early.

    Not to slight Elizabeth Bear, of course, who I have been told is quality, and will eventually get around to checking out.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, John. After being blown away by the Hammered trilogy, I’ve been hoping that another Elizabeth Bear story would come along to grab me the same way.

    The characters seem really interesting here, and I’m hopeful for the rest of the story.


  3. I will get around to reading it, I promise, but for the moment I’m going to stick with flipping back and forth between the Cotton Bowl and the Capital One bowl for the time being. Pig sooie! Go hogs!

  4. I read the chapter. I’m not familiar with Ms. Bear’s work, but: Wow! Alt.history, vampires, detectives, colonial/imperial intrigue, and a murder mystery. I think I’ll have to buy this one :)

    Thanks for the rec, John!

  5. I pre-ordered ‘New Amsterdam’ back in October, at the same time I pre-ordered ‘The Sagan Diary’. I’m holding off on reading the serialization, as I understand myself well enough to know that I’ll just be frustrated that I can’t read more of the book after I’ve finished the portion that SubPress is posting. Besides, anticipation is half the fun – that ‘two days before Christmas when you’re 8 years old’ feeling….

  6. Thank you!

    This gave me something better to do today than point to the scary spider bite on my posterior, point to it and ask my husband “is this looking any worse?”

  7. The chapter is on my list for later today, thanks.

    Why in the world would I waste my time on football when TCM ran a marathon of 1950’s SF movies, all in beautiful condition? including both Red Planet Mars and Destination Moon, it from the sublime to the . . . well, paranoid. Lots of fun.

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