Mike Ford Auction; TAD Speaks!

Two late-breaking bits for you on this second day of January:

Deb Geisler alerts me to a Mike Ford Memorial Auction & Extravaganza which will be held on the Friday night of Boskone, in February. The auction in his memory will go to benefit the John M. Ford Memorial Book Endowment, which benefits the Minneapolis Public Library.

At the moment, NESFA (the folks who run Boskone) are soliciting items for the auction, so if you’re an author or a fan with something interesting to contribute to the cause of literacy, click that auction link above and let NESFA know. I’ll be pitching in a couple of items for auction myself. Don’t let me be the only one.

On a somewhat more silly note, YouTube sent me an e-mail today alerting me that there had been a “video response” to my video of the mass-market paperback version of Old Man’s War assaulting the trade paperback version. What was the response and from whom? Well, perhaps you’d best see it for yourself:

Heh heh heh. For the record, the trade paperback survived. Sure, his spine was cracked. But isn’t that the fate of paperbacks anyway?

5 Comments on “Mike Ford Auction; TAD Speaks!”

  1. hmmm… was that an oversensitive sheep? Or perhaps an android’s nightmare? Or the otherway ‘tween… an oversensitive android having a sheep’s nightmare?

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