TAD Bookgasm Review & Explorations Top 10 List

Last week, the lit site Bookgasm listed The Android’s Dream as one of their top five science fiction books of 2006; now they’ve posted the actual review of the book. Unsurprisingly, given the previous accolade, it’s a pretty nice review:

John Scalzi has created a book that’s as thrilling as Robert Ludlum in his prime, with a gentle wit and biting sarcastic tinge that makes the entire book a joy to read.

Groovy. TAD also makes another 2006 science fiction “Best Of” list, this one from Barnes & Noble’s Explorations site (their place to promote science fiction and fantasy). Also on the list are Infoquake, from David Louis Edelman, who is looking like a serious potential Campbell nominee at this point, and Shriek: An Afterword by Jeff VanderMeer. Excellent.

Update, 4:08pm — Oh, and it appears The Ghost Brigades has made SF Signal’s “Best of 2006” list. w00t!

Yes, it seems to be self-promotingish sort of day here on Whatever. Some days it’s gonna be like that.

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