When Science Fiction Meets Its Own Future

Look, it’s the trade paperback version of Old Man’s War! What nutty adventure will it have today?

Which is say, today is officially the day the mass market paperback edition of Old Man’s War is out. Look for it in your local airport bookstore and supermarket! Or get it online. You can still get the trade paperback edition if you want it but I would assume they’re not printing any more, so if you want that version, get to it.

For those of you who for some insane reason want to put this video on your own site, it’s here. Remember also that this video will also be eligible for the Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) in 2008. Hey, if a three-minute bit of Gollum flipping off people at the MTV Movie Awards can win, surely this merits a nomination. I mean, look at the pathos of the trade paperback edition! How can you not weep at it?

18 Comments on “When Science Fiction Meets Its Own Future”

  1. PNH: well put. Fortunately he channels a good portion of it into his books. Works out well for all of us.

    Sclazicce, your mention of Tron reminds me of perhaps the strangest sexual fantasy a former acquaintance had. It involved two women, literally Swedish stewardesses, performing acts while he watched Tron. He was dead serious. And a vegan, so it makes perfect sense.

  2. “A writer verging into the middle years lives in dread … of turning a sudden corner and meeting himself sauntering along in the opposite direction.”
    — James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times
    Or of being restrained in a creche and having his contents transferred from one ISBN to another.

  3. All of us who work from home are nodding sagely and know that in the grand scheme of things, that video was mild.

    Yes, yes that Care Bear is helping me finish the Critical Stage Review for milestone 4, why do you ask?

  4. Now, does this mean we should consider a TPB of The Ghost Brigades as some sort of missing link since it’s going straight to MM? Those Geiko cavemen better watch out.

  5. Aren’t you supposed to be like…writing? You’re having way too much fun over there with copies of your own books.

    I just have this mental image of a solitary book case insanely devoted to all different copies of Scalzi novels.

    If my meager imagination serves to be right; that’s soooo awesome! ;)

    If not, You better be getting all Picard-ish and “Making it so!”


  6. I think Krissy said it best:
    “You’re a strange, strange, strange man.”

    Having said that, Strange Men are certainly more interesting than “normal” guys.

  7. I picked up the mass market edition of Old Man’s War about a week ago (and read it pretty much straight through in one day). I guess Borders jumped the gun.

  8. Mr. Scalzi, your video here convinced me I had to read your book immediately and without fail. I have read only the first page so far, but this is enough to convince me you are a writer of brilliance and economy. Now, if the second page can only hold up under the high standard your first page set, you will have a confirmed fan.

    John Wright (obscure author of ‘The Golden Age’, ‘Orphans of Chaos’ other books.)