Made It.

New York is my shiny, shiny bauble now. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Check Out the 1/8/07 Issue of the New Yorker

The cover is by Ivan Brunetti, who was a friend of mine in college. I saw it while I was looking for magazines in the airport. I bought it and showed it off to the cashier. She said, “It’s nice when people we know do well.” Yes. Yes it is.

I’m still at the airport, incidentally. But this was cool enough to note to the rest of you. Now I’m off to my gate. Later.

Off to NYC

No, not right this very second. It’s 12:30 am. I need to sleep first. But I do have a relatively early flight, so I’m not likely to update again until I’m in NYC. As noted earlier, don’t expect a huge amount of updating over the next few days, since I’m not flying to NYC to hang out in front of my computer. Also, if you’re sending me an e-mail, expect longer delays in replies than usual. And no, I’m not going to bring you back anything from NYC. There are too many of you. I couldn’t fit all those I (heart) NY Beanie Baby bears into my carryon luggage. Sorry.

In my absence, here, have an open thread. Do what you will with it. But be gentle. It’s its first time.