Made It.

New York is my shiny, shiny bauble now. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

11 Comments on “Made It.”

  1. Actually, it’s mine. But feel free to borrow it while you’re here.

    And shut off the lights on your way out if there’s no-one else around.

  2. Have fun and keep a hand on your wallet (although, to be honest, growing up in NYC I was never mugged or pickpocketed and neither were any of my immediate family or any of my cousins. I did have two morons try the “I found an envelope full of cash” scam on me, but they were really, really incompetent. I did let them runt hrough the spiel for amusement purposes and then told them to go find a tourist.) If you have the time, I recommend heading all the way uptown to the Cloisters. The herb garden won’t be all that spectacular this time of year, but the Unicorn Tapestries are pretty spiffy all year round.

  3. Actually in my experience. If you can´t make it in NYC. You can´t make it anywhere. You see, I was stranded there after a cross-country jaunt from the SF Bay Area with no money or place to live..But by some stroke of luck I turned nothing into a job and a lower East Side Apt. I managed for 6 years before I got bored and went home. Funny thing is now I am a US citizen working in Vienna, Austria (came better prepared armed as a Network Engineer). Anyways NYC is a GREAT CITY! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Old Mans War! I consumed that book in a matter of days. I am eagerly awaiting Ghost Brigades to arrive from the States!

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