New York City is Kicking My Ass

How did I spend my first night in the Big Apple? By falling dead asleep before 10pm, that’s how. I got back from my hotel room after having dinner with some college friends, got my laptop and set it down with me on the bed, and then wham, lights out. Clearly someone put something in my drink. Or alternately, it’s because I walked five or six miles yesterday and my body was letting me know that sort of nonsense just wasn’t going to fly. If that’s the case I have bad news for my body, because I’ll likely be walking that same amount today and tomorrow as well. Exercise is good, my body just apparently hates it. Too bad for my body.

In other news, I really like New York, not in the least because it does represent a change from my general life cycle — going from a place where there are fewer people in my town than there are on your typical New York City block does make for a study in contrasts. I noted to a friend that I really liked New York; the response there was “you don’t have to live here.” I suppose it’s true that if I was here on a permanent basis I might lose a bit of enthusiasm for the place, if only because everyone eventually begins to overlook the charms of their hometown. But, in fact, I don’t live here, and it’s a fun place to visit. I’ll enjoy it for now. Even if it is kicking my ass on the walking front.

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  1. Try walking around New York in wedges, like I’ve got to do today for a meeting. Then, it really kicks your ass. There are very few nice dress shoes for women with wide feet. =)

  2. Welcome! Having grown up in New York and lived there till I was 30-something, I was very happy to finally leave. Your friend is absolutely right — as long as you don’t have to live there, it’s great. But a few years of 2+ hour commutes will wear down even the heartiest of souls.

    If you find yourself on 33rd and Park, do give my regards. :)

  3. John,
    It’s pronounced “Harald Square”. Like it was a guy. Just joshing. I also lived in NYC until my 30s. A great place to visit, and a decent police presence since 9/11, makes it pretty safe these days (plus the removal of subway graffiti before they allow the trains back out….).

    Yes, it is a wonderful walking city and people-watching city.

    Now about those hotel rates…$900/night about right?

  4. Bob:

    “Now about those hotel rates…$900/night about right?”

    I have no idea. I’m here on the company dime.

  5. I’d live in NYC again in a heartbeat, if I could afford it.

    Though I’d probably wait until Bloomberg was gone.

    From my POV, Giuliani did a great job with the City. Security hasn’t been a concern there for a long time now.

  6. Are all visitors this concerned about security? Really?

    I’ve lived in NYC for almost 20 years with brief interludes to London, MI and OH for school and work. Some days it does kick your ass but I wouldn’t live anywhere else unless forced. And I mean actually physically forced not, “Oh, the price of groceries back home is better.” forced.

    I understand people not wanting to live here, it’s not for everyone, but I don’t understand people who don’t love it even just for visiting.

  7. Would you expect NYC to be doing anything else other then ass-kicking? :) And after spending tons of time walking around, you might want to stop for some hot chocolate.

    Especially if you find yourself in DUMBO. Jacques Torres rocks.

  8. I live in New York City, and I really like it. Oh, sure, there are some facets I’m not terribly happy with, and some things I’ll change when I rule the unvierse, but by and large, it’s great. Welcome! And enjoy!

  9. Took my first trip to NYC last February….just in time for some tiny little snowstorm.

    I really enjoyed my time there. I wish I’d had more time spend there. My inner geek (and outer geek as well) needs a trip to the American Museum of Natural History.

  10. Dunno about New York, never having been there (yet), although I used to live in London (and my eldest brother and eldest son live there now) The time has come and gone for me, and while I can see the attractions of the huge metropolis I’m not sure I could hack it these days. Just because I’m too old doesn’t mean its not a great place for those who can.

    If you enjoy it, enjoy it all while you can.

  11. I chose to live here in NYC more than 20 years ago, and I still love it every day (even when it kicks my ass!).

    Haven’t lost a bit of enthusiasm yet. Seeing other places is fun, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather live.

  12. I’m a 4th generation New Yorker. I moved to DC for job-related reasons and love it here, but if my job were to relocate to NYC, I would very happily go back. I go back around 10 times a year to visit family and friends and always feel regret on my way back to DC. Then I think about the rent I pay and what I get for it and the regretful feeling recedes.

  13. i live in new york, and have all my life (except for brief forays on the educational front) and it’s like having a spouse. you always love the spouse, just some days more than others. but so far, i haven’t found anywhere that i’d consider trading up… so i stay married.

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