Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny

Look what I got in my hot little hands today:

It smells nice, too.

I also signed an ARC to be part of the Mike Ford Auction at Boskone, so if you want a sneak preview, now you have an excuse to attend that particular SF convention and bid. And since I plan to be Boskone, I’ll even personalize it for you.

In other news, I managed to stay awake past 10pm tonight. Go me!

14 Comments on “Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny”

  1. “And since I plan to be Boskone . . . ”

    You plan to BE Boskone? You mean people that if I were to register for Boskone I’d be registering to attend YOU? What kind of accomodations do you offer? Will you have other speakers, or is this more of a “pay money for some Scalzenfreude” kind of thing?

  2. “And since I plan to be Boskone . . . ”

    ‘You plan to BE Boskone?’

    This could also mean he plans to be a council of intergalactic evil overlords.

    (Don’t call him a zwilnick, that really makes him go all Delgonian on you.)

  3. /drool

    Can’t wait.

    I finished TAD last night, btw. I think it’s your best yet. Loved all the jokes, although I think I might fit in well with the Nugentians.

  4. There are a handful of advantages to being a newspaper reporter. Money isn’t one, but being friendly with the book-review editor is. :) Methinks a walk to her office is in order….

  5. Andrew, WAIT! If you snarf it now, there won’t be a Scalzi review (unless you’re writing it yourself, or you’re just putting dibbs on it, which, you know, one of those big “special” cookies helps).

  6. Can’t wait!

    I should be getting TAD in the mail tomorrow, and if it’s as good as everyone says it is (and I’m sure it is) I’ll be done reading it by Sunday!

  7. Well, apropos of nothing, ‘The Ghost Brigades’- like ‘Old Man’s War’ – got the highest vote of confidence from my better half: Took it out on the porch after breakfast (it’s a southern hemisphere summer, so you can do that) and he didn’t have lunch until he finished it just after 2.00pm. Not quite as impressive as a full page review in the NYT Book Review, or a Hugo nomination, but he’s one hard buzzard to please… and we’re both looking forward to the precious. :)

  8. Steve: No worries. I’ll snarf the thing in a day or two, then quietly replace it.

    So far it hasn’t appeared, though.