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Hey there. I’m in Jersey now, hanging out with my friend Shara and basically taking a breather from all the running about of the last couple of days. The plan at the moment is to collapse on a couch and read a book. Maybe two! Because I’m just that way.

And, uh, that’s that for the day.

Since I’m clearly letting you all down on the “being interesting” front today, I declare this a pimping thread — pimp other interesting blogs/entries and other online stuff you make part of your daily wanderings. You can also pimp your own blog and/or favorite recent entries you’ve written. Yes! It’s all about you! Get to it.

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  1. Hi John, I’ve checked out some of the books by other authors mentioned on this site. Thank you, of course, now i’ve spent so much money on their books I don’t have any left to buy yours :)

  2. For fans of NBC’s “The Office”, check out my blog! It is a blog all about it! The Dundies. (or click my name)

  3. Now, while I’ve done plenty of awesome things in my reviews and weekly column for 411Mania Games, and I’m very proud of my two published articles at (one previously linked her by our Esteemed Host), I am going to plug something I’m pretty happy with — how my interview with the cult Internet celebrity game reviewer the Angry Video Game Nerd turned out.

    Kinda interesting just how much thought Mr. Rolfe put into not just digging up the moldy oldies of the 8 and 16-bit era, but into the character, too.

  4. Okay, I’d like to do some service for Mr. Nicholas Gurewitch — of the Perry Bible Fellowship, a comic dear to many from a fellow improv comedian dear to me.

    I recommend this one.

    [but don’t take my word for it. bahdum dum.]

  5. Farrago’s Wainscot just opened. They’re an online journal of experimental fiction (or, as they say: “an exhibition of weirds, an almanac of experimentation, decay, and the problems with form”) and they’ve got interesting plans for 2007.

    My contribution is a hyperlinked novel that will be serialized (new parts added every month during the year). The first part is up, and the rest will be both more disordant and more unified. I hope. It really all depends on what links the readers follow. The serial novel starts here: The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin.

    John, thanks for the opportunity to pimp this.

  6. not my site, because i don’t really have one, but may i recommend ” tom smith on line because he is a very funny man, the fastest filker in the midwest, a political master, and a heck of a good guy.



  7. Thanks, John, always glad to self-pimp. My science fiction novel “The Mars Run” keeps getting good reviews, most recently from It’s an action-filled novel about what was supposed to be a routine trip to Mars. Click my name for reviews and more purchasing information. (I should note that the book contains adult language and situations).

  8. Our band’s got a new album coming out as soon as the CDs come back from the press. There’s a couple of songs on our MySpace page and a link to download the entire first album from for free.

    (Yes, I know, MySpace, ew. It’s not my fault, honest.)

  9. Yesterday I read Apres Moi, Le Deluge, a hilarious in-joke-filled short story. The Pastafarian movement of consciousness-uploaded science fiction writers are powerful, in hiding, and currently melting the ice caps, while a Defense Department profiler has an idea for how to gain their trust.

    “Even the smallest schoolchild knew who held the delicate string of our survival on Earth between their Creative Commons-stained fingertips. Only a nihilist would dare to fire that shot. So who had killed Doctorow?”

  10. I rescued an old-school oscilloscope from the dumpster at work— scope cart and everything.

  11. Nothing of myself that I want to pimp, but I bet a lot of the folks here would enjoy this. It’s for those who love words. Where else can you find a derivation of floccinaucinihilipilification?

  12. Wow, what a wonderful offer! I’ve gotten myself hooked reading your blog, and I’m trying to figure out how you came to have so many readers. I assume it’s partly being interesting, and partly writing a lot, and partly knowing a heck of a lot of people. Since you’ve offered, maybe I can suck in a few of them to mine. I’m a writer and editor, but most of my blogging seems to be political commentary (I am a political scientist, too, and looking for a publisher for my book on the presidents) and reviews of films and books. Hoping to grab a few new readers, I am at Thanks.

    Oh, and enjoy the rest of your trip.


  13. John, look to your left for a moment.

    Now you’ve seen more of New York than I have.

    Thanks for the opportunity to pimp for the dedicated fraction of your readership who make it down the thread this far.

    101 Reasons to Stop Writing
    Helping the talentless realize their potential …

    What the critics are saying:

    “Acerbic, cynical, accurate and bloody funny” – Lee Battersby

    “Fascinating and somewhat hilarious” – Jay Lake

    “An idiot” – John Scalzi

  14. Though I’m not (yet) a famous SF author like mein host Scalzi, I like to think my blog They Didn’t Ask Me has some good things to say or link from time to time. Physics teaching, long commute, writing (including exciting newbie quarterly stats), World Domination Through Science Fiction by the 2004 Clarion Workshop class, and various outrages committed by People Who Know Better Or Otherwise Didn’t Ask Me First.

    Also a recent piece on the Grand Rapids MI response to the passing on Jerry Ford.

    Dr. Phil

  15. Sweet! I wrote this the other day after thinking about friend’s drunken complaints about how American science fiction is stuck in the Golden Age.

    Also, my wife and I saw “Children of Men” last night, and I can’t recommend it enough. A stunning movie. Also, Clive Owen is my new hetero man crush.

  16. I pimp my own blog,, as you’re all interesting people I’d love to have reading it. I am an writer, my first novel just out being what gets referred to as a ‘literary thriller about werewolves’, as I get confused on the whole genre thing. Writing advice and ramblings.

    Can’t remember how to link it, as I’m not very clever.

    Also, here is a charming online game:

  17. I just put up another blog entry, a new song (co-written, performed and recorded by Rajnar Vajra) inspired by my novel RADIO FREEFALL, and a new short story on my David Louis Edelman designed web site Stop by and leave me some comments on the blog so I don’t feel like I’m just writing these things for my own amusement.

  18. Brandon Sanderson has an excellent essay about the market realities of buying hardback books instead of paperbacks, here (or in the LiveJournal thread for those who prefer that).

  19. I know it’s super late (four days = eternity on these intrawebs), but I’ve got a very serious self-pimp.

    Please see my latest blog entry, wherein I entreaty registered Democratic voters in California’s 43rd Assembly District to come out and support the progressive slate on which I’m running as delegate to the California Democratic Party.

    My slate mates and I could seriously use your help.

    Thank you.

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