Daily Archives: January 8, 2007

Some Nice News for The Last Colony

My tireless network of spies tells me that The Last Colony will be the main science fiction selection of the Science Fiction Book Club in the June mailing (which will go out in May, which is, of course, when the book will be generally released). This is indeed a good thing. Thanks, SFBC!

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Just a couple of housekeeping notes: * Astute observers of the Whatever will note that the band of color on the left side of the page, which was apparently loathed by many, has been replaced by something a bit more monochromatic but which, I must admit, is at least slightly easier on the eyes. See? […]

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Rats! The Size of Buses!

This is probably my favorite picture from my New York trip. The rat was up as a way for a union to protest some company that, apparently, was engaging in unfair labor practices; not content to have its members protest, it also brought an inflatable rat to the proceedings. I wonder if you need a […]

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