Daily Archives: January 9, 2007

Broken-Hearted Books

Michael Berry, who reviewed Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades for the San Francisco Chronicle (and who put TGB on his holiday recommendations list), explains on his blog why he’s not reviewing The Android’s Dream for the Chron. Basically it comes down to the fact he can’t review every single thing I write if […]

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2007 Author Interviews: A Reminder

I just want to remind authors and editors and publicists that I will be firing up the 2007 round of author interviews, which will be given a loving spotlight on my AOL Journal By The Way, and also promoted here on Whatever, thus harnessing the insanely ginormous publicity power of two — two! — blogs […]

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Official Request: Don’t Taunt the Ohioans.

As basically the only person in the entire state of Ohio who doesn’t actually give a crap about Ohio State football (born and raised in California, remember?), it falls upon me to make the following request: Don’t bring up the game, folks. My entire state doesn’t want to talk about it. Like, really. And probably […]

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