Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

From the Department of Reaping What You Sow, Adorable Sarcasm Division

Athena: (on my computer, playing a video game) Daddy, I left my pineapple juice in my room. Could you get it for me? Me: (retrieving the pineapple juice and handing it to her) You are unbelievably spoiled, you know. Athena: I was hoping you’d say that. That’s the image I’m going for.

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Wednesday Author Interview: Duane Swierczynski

Over at By The Way, the 2007 series of Author Interviews kicks off with a fun interview with Duane Swierczynski, whose latest crime novel The Blonde I enjoyed the hell out of (as you may recall). Come find out how Duane avoids crime fiction cliches, what being the editor-in-chief of the Philadelphia City Paper brings […]

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What’s Fun

You know what’s fun? Reading the 10-Qs of cereal manufacturing companies. That’s fun. Crispy, golden flakes of fun. Yum. Having said that, apparently you can make a lot of money selling corn flakes (and other cereals). Maybe it’s not a cutting-edge industry, but hey. People gotta eat. I’m reading the 10-Qs as research for a […]

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Prelim Nebulas, Nortons and PKDs

For those of you with a science fiction bent, the Nebula Long List has been announced; from these ten books (and varying numbers of short fiction), the short list will be formed, after which the authors can truly call themselves Nebula nominees. For now, they can say “Dude! I’m on the Nebula long list!” I’m […]

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