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As promised, the follow-up entry to “Delurk for a Dime,” so the folks who are not lurkers (and those who were lurkers up until a few moments ago) can have a place to discuss the previous entry. Please, if you’re a regular commenter here at the Whatever, comment here, not in the “Delurk for a Dime” comment thread, which is reserved for delurking purposes only. I thank you in advance for following directions.


Delurk for a Dime

Nobody told me this, but apparently it’s National Delurking Week, in which blog lurkers everywhere are encouraged to delurk and say hello. I think this is a fine idea because I have to admit I wonder about the lurkers here. Whatever gets between 20k and 25k unique visitors on a daily basis, but the commenters are basically the same 100 or so people. While I’m very pleased to have those 100 folks comment — they seem to be mostly smart and engaging folks — I think it would be fun for those people who read but don’t usually comment to say hello.

So to encourage people to delurk, I’m going to make it a challenge: For every Whatever reader who delurks and says “hello” in this comment thread, I am going to donate a shiny dime to Reading is Fundamental, up to, oh, let’s say, $200. So if 50 people delurk, I’ll donate $5. If 500 people delurk, I’ll donate $50. If 2,000 people delurk, well, that’s the entire $200, isn’t it? And surely it’s worth delurking to help encourage literacy here in these United States.

Now, before this goes completely insane and out of control, let’s lay down some ground rules, which I beg you to please read before posting:

1. You must delurk today, Friday, January 12, 2007. To include as many lurkers as possible, I’m pegging the end of “today” as 11:59:59pm in the Hawaii-Aleutian time zone, which for those folks in the Eastern Time Zone (like me), would be 4:59:59am Saturday, January 13, 2007. Any comment left before that time counts. Any left after are left to my discretion to include.

2. To qualify as a lurker, two rules apply: a) You should actually be reading the Whatever on a regular basis (let’s say at least once a week), and b) you must not have made more than one comment here in the last year. No, I’m not going to be running IP address search analysis on the comments to confirm either of these, or anything anal like that; I actually have work to do today. You’re going to be on your honor here.

3. One delurking per person. Hopefully there will be enough people delurking that your impulse to split into multiple online personalities for the sake of charity will be tempered somewhat. Also, no more than one comment per person, please. This will make it far easier for me to discover how many shiny dimes I need to donate.

4. This comment thread is only for delurking. People who are regular commentors, please don’t comment here. For all the regulars who want to discuss this, I will post a follow-up entry right after, so you’ll have your own sandbox (the newly delurked who feel the need to discuss this are also invited to post in the follow-up as well, of course).

When you delurk, of course, feel free to post whatever you like in the comments, although, from my point of view, it’d be nice if you said something more than just “Delurk! You owe RIF a dime!” or some such. Say hello, gosh darn it. Tell me a little about yourself.

Everyone clear? Great. Then lurkers, delurk… now!

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