Delurk for a Dime

delurk6.jpgNobody told me this, but apparently it’s National Delurking Week, in which blog lurkers everywhere are encouraged to delurk and say hello. I think this is a fine idea because I have to admit I wonder about the lurkers here. Whatever gets between 20k and 25k unique visitors on a daily basis, but the commenters are basically the same 100 or so people. While I’m very pleased to have those 100 folks comment — they seem to be mostly smart and engaging folks — I think it would be fun for those people who read but don’t usually comment to say hello.

So to encourage people to delurk, I’m going to make it a challenge: For every Whatever reader who delurks and says “hello” in this comment thread, I am going to donate a shiny dime to Reading is Fundamental, up to, oh, let’s say, $200. So if 50 people delurk, I’ll donate $5. If 500 people delurk, I’ll donate $50. If 2,000 people delurk, well, that’s the entire $200, isn’t it? And surely it’s worth delurking to help encourage literacy here in these United States.

Now, before this goes completely insane and out of control, let’s lay down some ground rules, which I beg you to please read before posting:

1. You must delurk today, Friday, January 12, 2007. To include as many lurkers as possible, I’m pegging the end of “today” as 11:59:59pm in the Hawaii-Aleutian time zone, which for those folks in the Eastern Time Zone (like me), would be 4:59:59am Saturday, January 13, 2007. Any comment left before that time counts. Any left after are left to my discretion to include.

2. To qualify as a lurker, two rules apply: a) You should actually be reading the Whatever on a regular basis (let’s say at least once a week), and b) you must not have made more than one comment here in the last year. No, I’m not going to be running IP address search analysis on the comments to confirm either of these, or anything anal like that; I actually have work to do today. You’re going to be on your honor here.

3. One delurking per person. Hopefully there will be enough people delurking that your impulse to split into multiple online personalities for the sake of charity will be tempered somewhat. Also, no more than one comment per person, please. This will make it far easier for me to discover how many shiny dimes I need to donate.

4. This comment thread is only for delurking. People who are regular commentors, please don’t comment here. For all the regulars who want to discuss this, I will post a follow-up entry right after, so you’ll have your own sandbox (the newly delurked who feel the need to discuss this are also invited to post in the follow-up as well, of course).

When you delurk, of course, feel free to post whatever you like in the comments, although, from my point of view, it’d be nice if you said something more than just “Delurk! You owe RIF a dime!” or some such. Say hello, gosh darn it. Tell me a little about yourself.

Everyone clear? Great. Then lurkers, delurk… now!

421 Comments on “Delurk for a Dime”

  1. Delurking! I read every day, and I especially love the pimping threads because I’ve gotten so many new books/authors to read from them.

    Love the background today!

  2. Hey, I read your site all the time; it fills the gaps in law school classes. Thanks for the entertainment, and for the good book tips.

  3. I posted my first comment today in another thread. I delurked myself and I didn’t even know it.

  4. Shoot! You are the 2nd of my regular reads to ask for delurking! I’m here 2 or 3 times a week and love it. I’m a librarian and you’ll be happy to know that I love and push your novels. Keep it up. I may comment every so often, but lurking works best for me. BTW, you turned me on to X-entertainment and their Christmas calendars, thanks.

  5. Delurking. I first came to the Whatever when the Tor/Webscription thing started (and may have made a single comment there), came back trying to figure out what happened to it when it went away, and kept wandering back sporadically. Added to my RSS feed more recently.

  6. Happy to see a fellow U of C alumnus engage in philanthropy — especially a philanthropy predisposed to creating more U of C alumni. (I love that game reserve for nerds.)

    When were you there, John? (And, if applicable, which dorm?)

  7. I’m only #12?!?!

    c’mon people I know there must more of us out there!

    Hi John! been reading for a couple years now… don’t say much, I’ll try to chime in more often

  8. I’m only #12?!?!

    c’mon people I know there must more of us out there!

    Hi John! been reading for a couple years now… don’t say much, I’ll try to chime in more often

  9. I’m only #12?!?!

    c’mon people I know there must more of us out there!

    Hi John! been reading for a couple years now… don’t say much, I’ll try to chime in more often

  10. I like the new starry night background.

    It’s nice to participate in national events like Delurking Day.

  11. Hi. I check in a few times a day, mostly for the “life as a writer” stuff. I’ve been lurking for, gulp, a couple of years.

    So, hello.

  12. I suppose posting a comment once upon a time, and then chickening out and deleting it before posting still keeps me in lurker status.

    Now I shall go out and lurk no more!

  13. Entering unlurk mode. I know I’ve commented once in the past, maybe twice. I still think I’m a lurker.

    Now that I think about it, I better get back to that lurking thing…

  14. Hello. Add in another dime for RIF. You haven’t met me (yet) but you participated in a sack race with my wife. I do tech support for a university. For my sins, it’s mostly advanced windows OS stuff these days.

  15. Delurking! Well actually. I may have commented before. I certainly meant to but I may have forgotten to.

    Here’s a comment… I got Old Man’s War for Christmas and read through it in two days, I could not put it down. It’s definitely one of my new favorites.

  16. Delurking! Well actually. I may have commented before. I certainly meant to but I may have forgotten to. I read Whatever everyday, it’s right at the top of my list of “Fun” feeds.

    Here’s a comment… I got Old Man’s War for Christmas and read through it in two days, I could not put it down. It’s definitely one of my new favorites.

  17. Hm. Not sure I count as a lurker, since I’ve made comments in the past, but I don’t think I’ve made more than one in the last year, so…

    Hi! Officially delurking!

    I check the Whatever pretty much every weekday. I read it all, but I’ve really appreciated the writer pimping of late. I’ve gotten some fantastic book recommendations out of it, something I’ve been really short of in the past couple of years.

  18. I think I may have commented once before, but I reckon that since I am completely unaware of the myriad changes to the appearance of Whatever I do qualify as a lurker, nay, an RSS lurker. I have recently switched from Sage to Google Reader, and couldn’t be happier.

  19. Ok, I’ll delurk (sounds like a sound from the bathroom). Anyway, I run a SFF review and discussion blog and have enjoyed the books of yours I’ve read. I now need to get on with reading The Ghost Brigades since I’ve gotten word that The Last Colony is coming soon.

  20. Hello! I hope I count as a lurker anyway — I know I’ve reached out timidly toward my keyboard a couple of times here before, but not both in the last year… I hope. If I’m wrong, I’m counting on ten cents for charity being little enough to not fact check… I hope.

  21. I read most days through Google Reader but don’t post because then I’d get sucked into yet another web board and lose even more free time.

    I’ve been lurker for six months or so I think. (And posted 1 comment! I think…unless my faulty memory has failed again.)

  22. Hi, my name is Dave, and I’m a lurker. Long-time reader, first-time poster. I have enjoyed OMW and TGB immensely, and I’m anxiously awaiting TLC. Thanks!

  23. Delurking here.

    I’ve followed your site for over a year (two?) now, sometime after Gabe @ Penny Arcade did the cover for Agent to the Stars. Love the new background and miss the old star charts design.

    I must say I was really touched by that one memory flashback in Old Man’s War. My wife went through something similar a year ago, but thankfully survived and is doing fairly well now.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to your new books!

  24. Hello John Scalzi. Yes. I am (was?) a lurker. But for a dime, I will out myself. And, I think, that deserves a new Athena anecdote. :o)

  25. ok, having been outed as a lurker, I guess I need to reveal myself. was introduced to your books when a friend lent them to my husband, and I ran out of reading material (sometime Q3 of ’06). don’t remember whether I went looking for your blog on purpose, or was referred here by Bear or Truepenny. but I show up pretty much daily, having found your blog to be just as interesting and insightful as your published works (if not more so).

  26. Didn’t know I was lurking. I love your website, particularly for book recommendations and cat pictures.

  27. Hello John… I guess I’m a delurker because I never posted any comment, but not anymore. I’m from the other side of the world and I have enjoyed so much “Old man’s war” that I needed more to read from you :)

  28. I found your blog last year via Wil Wheton (I think). I read your blog every weekday and particularly enjoyed your author interviews and other discussions regarding writing. I have a backlog of books to read, but would am going to pick up Android’s Dream next.

    Also, R.I.F. is great. That program introduced me to one of my favorite books of all time,The Westing Game.

  29. Delurking, been reading this from your RSS feed for a while now. Don’t remember who pointed me your way, but love the commentary and have really enjoyed your novels as well.

  30. I’ve been reading the blog for almost a year now and I just picked up OMW this last weekend.

  31. Delurking to say thanks for the blogs and the books! I’m well past the Golden Age of SF, but Old Man’s War gave me the same happy buzz that I got from some of my favorites when I was younger, and if that’s not a kick, what is? (Giving my friends the recipe for Schadenfreude pie was fun too. Mad cackling ensued.)

  32. Have made comments in the past…can’t recall much in the last year. Lurking and Warcraft FTW!


  33. I don’t think I’ve commented here more than once in the past year. Usually someone else has made my point by the time I read through the thread.

  34. I guess I should join in the ‘sponsored delurk’, so hi. I’ve been lurking for a few months now, arrived due to BaconCat, but was aware of you from other sf blogs. Loved OMW, and stingily waiting for some more books to come out on paperback.

  35. Ex-lurker.
    Came here from the instapundit a while back.
    If you make more than 5 cents per book sale you have made a profit on me.

  36. Hey there. I’ve been reading the Whatever about eight years. Once upon a time, I downloaded Agent to the Stars and mailed you a buck for it. (After reading it, naturally.) Keep up the good work.

  37. Delurking for Readers. Very nice.
    I’ve been lurking daily for a couple of years (blush), enjoying the show.

  38. dlurk.
    I think I’ve commented once before, but I’m pretty sure it was a long time ago.

  39. I’ve posted a time or two in the last few years, but have you up in my “daily blogs” tab, so I hear from you once a day. The ratio isn’t good for close, personal friends. Sorry. I’m a bad person.

  40. I’m now Delurked! I was born about 100 northeast of Whatever during the Truman administration. I read Starship Troopers when it was first published and dreamed of far away places. I had to join the military to get away from the cornfields of northern Ohio. I went to MidAmericon in 1976 and voted for the Forever War to win the Hugo. Sorry Old Man’s War didn’t win.

  41. I’ll delurk for a good cause, particularly since I just finished up that bookthingy of yours, whatchacallit: “Old Man BaconCat’s Last Colony of the Brigades of Ghost Android Stars.”

    Um, is it recursive if I am doing something to get you to donate to a charity I am sorely in need of? Well, Lurk-on!

    You give good blog. Best wishes to you and your family this year.

  42. Consider me de-lurked. I’ve been a lurker here for a couple of years now, which I think qualifies as borderline stalkerish activity.

  43. Hello, hello. Good morning and I hope you are well.

    Long time reader and I’m pretty sure I have only commented once in the past year. But I did buy & download a copy of Old Man’s War when it was first available here, long ago.

  44. Delurking from Gabriola Island, BC, Canada – I read you here most days, and nothing makes my day like a good, articulate Scalzi rant…


  45. I have only commented once before about your visit to Philly, but have been reading daily for several months.
    I love your political perspective and your sense of humor.

  46. Regular reader; found you off Making Light.

    Might have commented once.

    Liked the constellation background best.

    Live on the upper left coast, have lived in southeastern Ohio, miss the fireflies, don’t miss the tornados.

    Bought & liked Old Man’s War.

    My 10 cent’s worth.

  47. I’ve been reading Whatever for quite a while, but I don’t remember just when I started. I picked up OMW on Glenn Reynold’s strong recommendation and loved it. I have re-read it several times!

    I read TGB in one sitting the day it arrived from Amazon, and am eagerly awaiting TLC. (My income isn’t what it once was, so I’m holding off on TAD for now.)

    You may not want to count this as a delurk since I’m not sure if I’ve *ever* posted a comment here.

  48. Hello. Read most everyday and appreciate the insight into the SciFi publishing and reading biz as well as the meaningful discussions on current topics and other oddities.

  49. Have been reading daily for about a year, have never commented, but am de-lurking from Boston. While I’m at it, your books gave my father and I something in common for the first time in years, so thanks so much for that.

  50. Hello!

    The word ‘delurk’ is starting to look really, really funny after scrolling through all the other comments.

    Thanks for tying delurking to a good cause!

  51. sure, bribe me to de-lurk. I found you through lurking around AOL journals for awhile, saw you mention this and added you to my rss feed reader. Though I admit I usually end up coming to the site to read the comment thread. The darndest thing anyone ever saw was hilarious!

  52. Hi,
    Delurking here. I actually met you in Anaheim. Well, more like walked up, said hello, and told you how much I enjoyed Agent to the Stars. You told me I should really enjoy TAD, and I did. Thanks!

  53. Hi Scalzi,

    I have been reading the site almost daily for at least 6 or 8 months, but given that I should be working on my thesis research instead, I have never commented.

    Now that there’s a shiny dime involved, and for a good cause, how could I stay silent?


  54. I live in Montreal and have been lurking for a few months now. Discovered your web site after reading OMW (great novel). Have also read TGB and have nearly finished Agent to the Stars (amazing, funny first novel). I have TAD sitting on my desk to read and cannot wait to get my copy of The Sagan Diary. I am mostly curious about your writing projects but also enjoy seeing the political commentary.

  55. Hiya. I coulda sworn I left one comment in the “entry-level science fiction” thread some time back, but couldn’t find it. So, here I am. I’m a former Comp Sci major, currently teaching English in Beijing. Don’t ask how that happened :) Not long-term, in case you’re wondering. It’s fun, though.

  56. Like many others, I’m an RSS reader, which is why I don’t comment often anywhere. But I’m glad for National Delurking Day; it gives me an excuse to actually start clicking through!

  57. Hi. Started reading after I found you on a friend’s LJ page (a real, know them in person friend who linked to the rss feed). Will quietly go back to lurking now.

  58. Delurking. I’ve been reading since the early days. Unfortunately, I don’t usually have enough time follow conversation in the comments. Hence the lurking.

    Also, I echo the previous thanks for your author interviews! I’ve read so many great books from people that I likely wouldn’t have found on my own.

  59. Delurking!

    I recently added your blog’s RSS feed to my LJ reading list, though I’ve been sneaking over here for a while.

  60. Good idea Mr. Scalzi. I’m not sure what value you get out of us de-lurking, but I appreciate your sending some of that value to charity

  61. I got trawled in by Bacon Cat and loved the blog. i check in daily, now. Thank you Bacon Cat!

  62. I may have posted here once before; I don’t remember. I don’t usually mean to lurk, but I’m apparently very good at it… So, for the cause!

  63. I’m a lurker… I think ;) rss feed reader. I check the site whenever you mention changes to the theme and such. I’ve actually never read one of your books, but really appreciate your blog writing… one of these days I’m sure I’ll pick one up though :)

  64. Sadly, google says I’ve commented twice in the past year (both in November, oddly), and three times in 2005. I guess I don’t count for that shiny, shiny dime.

    But I consider myself a lurker, so Hi! anyway.

  65. I’ve been reading Whatever via RSS going on 2 years. In theory commenting seems like a good idea and I like the idea of the community aspect, however, in practice it doesn’t fit well into reading RSS feeds while at work.

    I’m happy for the introduction I have received to your work. The insight I gain into the creative process via Whatever adds to my appreciation of the final product.

  66. I think I’ve only left one comment in the past. I usually read Whatever through bloglines, so I don’t even show up in your site statistics!

  67. Oldschool delurking. But you knew I was in here somewhere, right? Can’t speak for the rest of the 416 kids though. They’ll have to delurk themselves.

  68. Hey, John!

    Delurking for the awesomeness of the cause. I’ve been lurking around the ‘ol WHATEVER pretty much since we met – yes MET – at Torcon in 2003. If you need help remembering who I am – here’s a hint: in a subsequent e-mail, you described my personality as somewhat akin to a “Peep marshmallow treat in a microwave”, I believe. And I am STILL running with your assertion that it was a compliment…

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ve be silently enjoying YOUR Peepishness for quite a few years, now…


  69. Hi, I’ve also been reading your blog via RSS feed over at LJ. I don’t think I’ve commented yet, though I do come and read the other comments occasionally. :)

  70. Hello! I chased a link from Wil Wheaton’s blog about a year or so ago and ended up on Whatever. The purchase and devouring of OMW occurred shortly thereafter. I read the feed daily.

  71. I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, ever since the hate mail entry was posted on Fark (whenever that was). I don’t think I’ve commented before – if so, I can’t recall. I usually stop by on my lunchtime browsing rounds. Not being much of a military sci-fi gal, I haven’t read your books, but I have enjoyed the occasional stories and such that you’ve posted here. I have put Andriod’s Dream on my wishlist, though, so come April I hope to have a nice birthday book to read.Also, somewhat belatedly, I’d like to add my voice to the crowd that would like to see you at Dragon*Con. We really pull out the stops down here, and it’s always a huge blast.

  72. Hi,

    I’m another grad student lurker ho enjoys avoiding my thesis by reading about BaconCat and Athena.

    I found the blog via Instapundit.

  73. So much to read, so little time to comment. Besides, I figured you had plenty of commenters. But, then again, I suppose one can rarely have too much conversation. :)

  74. I’ll definitely delurk for RIF – I remember getting books through RIF programs at school when I was a kid. Just started reading the blog & your books recently – really enjoy both!

  75. I have been visiting this site since I read “Old Man’s War” after a recommendation by Nancy Pearl (she admitted to an appreciation for military science fiction). What a great book! Thanks, John.

  76. Delurking. Not only have I not left a comment here in the past year, I haven’t left one anywhere else, either. I’m just an extreme introvert.

    RIF, now that’s a blast from the past. I remember seeing PSAs for them all the time growing up in the 80s. Good to see they’re still around.

  77. Hi there. I work at Tor… so I lurk and I get your books early! Woo-hoo. OMW and TGB kept my boyfriend away from his playstation for three whole days… that takes alot. Thank you.
    Now give them another dime.

  78. I’m reasonably certain I haven’t posted more than one comment here in the past year. I start writing comments pretty frequently, but then say, “Oh, screw it! The regulars will handle it.”

    I think I found this blog via Making Light, but I can’t be sure. I have yet to actually read any Scalzibooks, but only because my To Be Read pile would be taller than I am, were it an actual pile.

  79. DELURK

    Hi there John. I read the Whatever almost everyday now. First time comment though. English is still a second language to me. Se puede comentar en Español?

    I’ve read OMW and Agent and liked them a lot. You DO sound naturally like RAH. Thanks for the books & the blog.

    By the way… I’m in my hometown Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just like Rico from Starship Troopers. I hope I don’t get bombed though.


  80. Okay, you got me to delurk. Happy? HAPPY?!? Seriously, thanks for the regular doses of good righting and uncommonly common sense here on The Whatever.

  81. Hi! I read OMW and loved it, and wanted to see if you had a blog. Presto! Here I am, arrived about 6 months ago. I am a library assistant, and I take every opportunity to pimp your books to patrons. I also strongly encourage the librarians who choose books to order yours, since I want to read them. I can’t afford my habit, so must work in a library. There aren’t many staff who read SF and fantasy here, so I take on the challenge of hunting up new things that I think I (and other people) will enjoy.

    I enjoy coming to your site because there are always thought provoking posts! The commentators are also an interesting, and funny group. Perhaps now that I’ve been forced out into the open, I might have to start commenting on posts. As a Canadian, I sometimes have a different viewpoint, and anyone who hates Bush is good in my books! :)

  82. Delurking, hi.

    I’ve only been reading Whatever for a couple of weeks but I’m really enjoying it. I’m a pseudo-librarian/future nurse in southeast Michigan.

  83. Hey John… I’m a lurker indeed. I try to read Whatever everyday, but I’ve never commented. Your books are great and so is this blog. You’re doing something right, so keep up the good work.

    Also, you wrote a post about me (well to be clear, my email sent to you) this summer. :)

  84. Awesome site. Been lurking around for about 3 months now. Got OMW as a gift from my son; read it in about 1 1/2 days! Great writing, flows well, very fast reading. Can’t wait to get more.

  85. I’m fairly sure that the only other comment I’ve ever posted was in response to a post a while back about how much you write here, how many books that would be, and whether you lose money or earn more by writing here. I’m definitely in the “earn more” camp because I started reading your books after enjoying this site so much and own all your books in hardcover. I can’t wait for The Last Colony to come out so I can give you more money. And the sequel to The Android’s Dream. And all the other recent projects you announced.

    I check the site and the comments several times a day, and recently I’ve begun to wonder how I stumbled upon it exactly. It must have been several years ago because yours was one of the first blogs I read, but I have no idea where I followed the link from. All I know is that I’m very glad that I was lucky enough to discover it because yours have been some of the best books I’ve read lately. Keep up the good work, the great site, and all the charitable contributions.

  86. I’ve been a regular lurker here for months and have linked to your site from my humble and under achieving blog. I just got Old Man’s War and will read it after I finish “For us the living” by Heinlein.

  87. Lurker here, coming out into the light… oh, it burns…

    Found your blog via a friend who reads you, and its been a given in every RSS reader since. I have no idea where my friend found you, but he’s an aspiring writer… I like the new background. Then again, I’ve always been partial to Starry Night.

    Also, you are now a dime poorer. Or something.

  88. Okay, you got me. I have to help with this one. I’ve been reading for about a year now, and completely enjoying it.

  89. Hello, only found your blog about a week ago but have been reading it every day since.

    Something about me? I’m both a fairly hardcore WoW gamer and a quilter.

  90. I must have commented once, but usually can’t be bothered to open the comments threads. I know, I know, I’m missing half the fun.

    Very amused by Athena and the reports on rural Ohio, btw. So different from life in Seattle.

  91. Delurking — New here and sent over by Jay Lake. I’ve been enjoying myself quite thoroughly for a couple of weeks now.

    Love the book pimping; love the discussions about writing even more (that’s what Jay raved about :>).

    As a new writer (1 done, now editing, 2nd one started), listening to you guys muse out loud is worth it’s weight in gold!

  92. Hello John, found your blog a while ago via … well, don’t remember rightly, some other writer dude, maybe Hetley, maybe Gaiman, maybe Wheaton, anyway, added you to the stream on Google Reader and lookin’ in on you every now and again. Too much reading to write much, but as a librarian, any donations for reading support is a challenge not to be denied. I like your books, thought that the NYT write up was ok, and looking forward to TAD as soon as the hold list clears a little. Cheers.

    Hey, Hi to Tatiana! I am librarian in southwest Michigan.

  93. Hey all,

    John, you forced my hand. I can’t resist a good cause. While I’m here … tell me about other members of First Sentence Club whose works you have enjoyed. As a journalist myself, I recognized your background immediately in the first chapter of OMW. I picked up The Blonde, but haven’t sat down with it yet. Still, I’d love to have more recommendations.

    Best wishes to all.

  94. (delurks. Fires torpedo, which hits, flag pops up)

    Flag: “Hello!”

    (dive klaxon sounds. Relurks)

  95. Another dime for RIF!

    Loved OMW, waiting impatiently for paperback of Ghost Brigades (not just because I’m cheap, but also because they’re more pleasant for me to read).

  96. Hello,

    I check this site quite a bit, but I never post because I don’t usually have anything substantive to add. Sort of like this post I’m making right now.
    The difference this time is that you specifically asked for lurkers to post so I don’t feel bad wasting peoples’ time with my blathering.

  97. *waves* What a great idea!

    I started reading your journal regularly after the fantastic post you made on the LKH meltdown (I think your entry on it made fandom_wank, I clicked, and voila, was hooked).

    I’ve never commented on your blog (well, it hasn’t been too long)!

    I so liked what you said (especially a great quote in the comment thread) that I zipped over to put your blog on rss feed so I could access it through LJ (there’s this whole separate LJ community vs. blogging–and so I mostly read blogs through rss feed). (p.s. LJ is better!).

    I’ve quoted your comment, with attribution of course!, for my creative writing students, in my syllabus, under course goals:

    Course Goals:

    I hope that all my students in writing classes learn two things about their writing:

    Good writing takes time, work, and multiple revisions.

    The more reading you do, the better writer you will be.

    I hope that all my students in writing classes learn one thing about how their writing will be received by others, an attitude best expressed by author John Scalzi on his blog:

    “I think it’s best for an author to write the book he or she wants to write, and then accept that the words he or she writes will then be modeled in the heads of people who are not the author, and who therefore might come to conclusions about the work which are wildly different than the authors; therefore, getting angry with the readers for not being just like the author, perception-wise, is silly.”

    In terms of a little about me–I’m an english teacher stuck in rural Texas, a writer (poetry, mostly sestinas, and a vampire novel in progress), active in Lord of the Rings fandom, and active in our local animal rescue group (in part by sharing our home with 12 indoor cats and 4 outdoor dogs). The social realities of rural fundamentalist Texas is why I hang out online so much, plus I’m now moving to teaching online as well.

  98. Hi, John. Been reading your blog since I ran across one of your posts on Metafilter — I think it was about slushpiles. Read Agent to the Stars online (I think I sent you a payment for that), and OMW, Ghost Brigades and the sheep book in dead tree form. This may not be my first post — I can’t really remember if I’ve wandered into the comments as a poster more than once last year, but it wasn’t more than two or three…

  99. I LOVE the new background (Van Gogh Starry Night). I also like your books – waiting impatiently for my library hold on Android’s Dream to come through.

  100. John,

    I’ve checked in on a near-daily basis for a couple years, but I’ve only commented twice.

    Like many of the other lurkers, I enjoy your book and movie recommendations. In fact, it would be nice to have an archive of your recommendations linked to the front page — something like what Sarah Weinman does. Your ideas on how blogs influence (or don’t influence) cultural discourse, politics and book marketing are also interesting.

  101. Hi, John. I’m relatively new to your blog as well as a lurker, but I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve spent reading it.

    I’d risk saying something about myself, but that might out me as the big geek I truly am.

  102. Delurking! Glad I checked in today …

    I live in Florida, and if I had a cat, I’m sure I would have tried to tape bacon to it by now.

  103. I’m here. I read Whatever via RSS feed, so I’m another reader who skews your visitor averages. I can’t remember how long I’ve been reading it — over a year, certainly. I enjoy the look at SF publishing, and your sense of humour. And material on Athena makes my day.

    A friend and I made your schadenfreude pie for my husband and another friend when they were laid off. It was perfect. Evil, but perfect.

    Delurking for literacy is an awesome challenge. Well done.

  104. Delurking. Starting reading Whatever about 3 years ago (or maybe even more, time flies) after my husband found your site. He was at UofC at the same time as you, and you even commented on his LJ once (we felt like celebrities). We’ve bought all your books so far and are breathlessly awaiting TLC (although we probably won’t get to read it right away since our first baby is due at the end of February and apparently they take up quite a lot of our previously available reading time).

  105. Read almost daily for years during slow moments at work. Don’t think I’ve posted more than one comment in the past year– only a couple over the last few years that I can recall….

    Love your books. & you got a beautiful family — daughter almost as cute as mine! :-)

  106. I don’t know if I count as a lurker, posted a few comments, but none yet this year. Also from BC like one previous poster, and I think I started through Penny Arcade (I know I read AttS on my PDA first, then OMW, still waiting for more).

  107. In de-lurking mode.
    Been reading for 2 years, enjoy your blog, and most heartily enjoy your books. May you never take that train to Suckville!
    Back to normal lurk mode.

  108. I think I’ve posted exactly one comment. And I’ll say that this blog (found after I read OMW) got me to buy two more books plus a Muse CD…

  109. Fine, you got me. I started reading here after following the links from Making Light about two years ago. I liked the blog so much I thought I’d try out Old Man’s War. Now I’m hooked, so keep it up!

  110. Reporting for delurking!

    I’m also an RSS reader, and have been reading your posts since I was introduced to (and enjoyed) your fiction last year.

  111. I almost commented once 6 months or so ago to ask about ebook versions of your books. But I didn’t. I’ve been reading for… a while, maybe a few years?

  112. it’s for a good cause. I’ve been reading for three years now, so if a comment is worth a dime, here it is.

  113. I’ve only made one other post, so I’m really a lurker. I’m the woman on the edge of the crowd enjoying the conviviality of those around her, occasionally making an odd non-sequitur. Oh, and I’m probably feeding cocktail shrimp to Ghlaghghee.

    I do recommend the books and your blog to everyone I think would enjoy them. Thanks for the brain candy!

  114. Well, I’ve been reading your blog and your books since this summer, and I love both. (The books I read as I get them, the site I check once or twice a day.) Consider me de-lurked.

  115. I *think* I only posted once this year. Been delurking periodically on various blogs (including my own) for about a month–maybe it’s in the stars! Yeah, that’s it!

  116. Hello. *waves*

    Love the books. My FIL is currently reading Old Man’s War, and he loves it. Thanks for giving us something to talk about.

    Um, I’m also fond of pie.

  117. My name is John. And I’m an enabler. I’m the bartender who serves the lurkers.

    I am working on creating a resource that monitors as many blogs in the inland Northern California region as I can find. I’m a really bad lurker.

    At you’ll find a “Watch List” that shows just how many blogs I’ve found.

    Now, it’s time to get back to lurking.

  118. /me delurkifies!

    I may have commented once… can’t recall. But I read every day (or every hour depending how bored I am 8-). I will one day get round to reading one of your books. I promise. New Years Resolution, by the end of 2007, I will read a John Scalzi Book!!

    x x

  119. Aloha e John! Thanks for stretching that deadline over our timezone, though I’m making sure to get in well in time anyway.

    I’ve stal… I mean, followed you online off and on for years. I’ve long been impressed with your online and literary exploits, ever since… before the first JournalCon. Oh, the memories!

  120. I’ll join the chorus of delurkers. Greatly enjoy your books (got another one as an Xmas gift that I have to get to) and your blog.

    Thanks for the entertainment, it’s greatly appreciated.

  121. Hello, John. Big fan – bought all three in hardback, read online book. Retired modern language teacher, mostly German and Russian, also Latin, Greek. Live in middle of nowhere, Massachusetts. Keep writing, I’ll keep buying!

  122. Evil plan:

    Step one – delurk on Scalzi’s blog.
    Step two – get Scalzi to put my blog on his next top 51 SF/F personal blogs list.
    Step three – ….
    Step four – global domination.

  123. Long-time lurker, first-time de (or is it un- or non-) lurker. But, a dime’s a dime.

    Have bought, read and enjoyed OMW and TGB. Looking forward to the new book coming out, and have used your reviews and recommendations to find previously unknown authors that I have liked (particularly Charles Stross and Peter Watts). So keep up the excellent work, I doubt very much that I would ever have heard of any of these folks without your blog.

    I live in Southwest Ohio, glad to see somebody else enjoying life in the mid-west. New t-shirt idea: “If you lived here, you’d understand”.

  124. So I’m delurking, it feels kind of odd, like someone is watching me. I like being the one doing the watching.

    Now off to delurk in some of the other blogs I frequent.

  125. Think I’ve only ever commented once, so I think I count.


    Now stop shining that flashlight in this dark corner. Bright light hurtses us.

  126. Delurking. I think I commented, once. I don’t recall how I got here (it was likely via Making Light), but I do remember that it was prior to the bacon-cat episode.

    I really enjoy reading you, have picked up your books as a result, and am now to the stage of passing you along to others. Sort of like a really slow-moving virus.

  127. Hey, that would be me!! Been reading and enjoying your blog for the last couple of months.

    And am greatly enjoying “The Android’s Dream” at the moment, and reviewing it for


  128. Another dime to a good cause. I read Whatever (no The) everyday but never post. Maybe I should start, that way more people can hate me!

  129. Hello. Been reading this blog daily for a few months now. I’ve commented before, but no more than once, I think.
    Looking forward to reading Old Man’s war, which has been sitting on my shelf for a while now.

  130. Hello!
    I honestly can’t remember how I found this site the first time, or why I kept coming back, but I’ve been reading the Whatever for years. I appreciate the book reviews – they’ve helped me branch out from my usual routine of reading material.

  131. Delurking from Huntsville, AL for a great cause, Mr. Scalzi. Hats off on a classy move. I’ve been reading the site (mostly via RSS) for a little over a year now, and digging it.

  132. I’ve only commented twice in one subject. Do I still count?

    Lurkers of the world unite! The will have to force us out of our dark corners!

  133. I’d post more, but the community is not the same as the site. I like what you write, but I don’t (at least yet) feel like I’m part of this community. Maybe one day you’ll post something that draws me in. Maybe not.

    Shyness isn’t always the issue. There are other places where I do post daily, bet they are related to my hobby, and I do feel more at home there.

    It’s all good.

  134. Delurkificating! Haaa-chaa!

    (I don’t know what “haaa-chaa” means)

    Fork over the moneys, writer-boy!

  135. Hi,

    this is my second post –my first post was yesterday. I’ve been lurking for a few months, usually checking up a couple of times a day.

    I really enjoy your writing, and I’m looking forward to the Sagan Diary.

  136. Delurking for a good cause. Can’t remember how I got here, but I’ve been reading for a few weeks and enjoying it muchly. Let’s see – former librarian, current slave to 2 cats(one is protesting my typing by laying across my hands at the moment, trying to make me put the keyboard away and adore her), voracious reader. I’ve read OMW, have TGB checked out from the library and Android’s Dream on hold. Okay, back to the rafters.

  137. I’ve been reading Whatever for close to 5 years now, I think. I check the site several times a day, and am always happy when you’ve updated (and cry a little when you haven’t). I’ve posted once or twice here (and a few more times over at BTW for the weekend assignment stuff, which I should get back to doing). But really, I am a lurker. Although, I was one of your beta’s for Book of the Dumb, although I didn’t contribute much as I was pregnant with our first offspring at the time. So I guess my natural state is lurk-dom (lurkiness?).

    I’ve turned several people on to reading Whatever and your books. Only fair, as a regular Whatever reader friend of mine got me hooked on you.

  138. I tried to read all the comments, but they’re faar too many. I read your blog everyday (RSS subscriptions rock), but I admit to skipping the politcs bits (I’m in Romania so American politics are let’s say less-than-interesting for me). The random bits are the best :D

  139. John, thank you for the invite. I came to the Whatever via a link on Charlie’s Diary, and check back via RSS a couple times a week. I’m coming to realize that the back and forth in the comments is half the fun.

  140. I couldn’t tell you how I found this place; probably through Making Light. I remember reading Being Poor when it was first posted. I /think/ I happened to be blogsurfing at about the same time Bacon Cat came up, and that was enough to get me to subscribe to the RSS feed. (I do read the comments too, though. Some good stuff there.)

    Also, _Old Man’s War_ is good stuff. Thanks.

  141. Hi John:
    Just picked up “The Old Man’s War” yesterday and finished it today so I figured I’d check out your site. It was very good. I’m a military SF fan so I’ve read pretty much the whole gamut. I’m looking forward to reading “The Ghost Brigades”.
    Jim Tarchis

  142. Umm, hello. Here since BaconCat, but via LiveJournal (EliseM) rather than Fark or the like, so you can put that in your file of traffic patterns.

    Actually, I was considering delurking anyway, to mention that I’d gone looking for TAD in the major chain bookstores just before Christmas. No one had it, but at one Barnes&Noble and two different Borders, their in-store catalogs said they had copies on hand. I hunted around in case it was on a featured display instead of in alphabetical order. But either something about the book causes their tracking software to blow a fuse (maybe it’s the sheep on the cover), or someone’s been boosting your book. I’ll try again closer to the intended recipient’s birthday.

  143. The only time I’ve delurked previously was to bid on the John M. Ford memorial auction. I would have liked to win, but I think the editor at Subterranean did an awesome, wonderful thing!

    My 12 year old son was intrigued by the cover of The Android’s Dream and read it after I was done. He wants to be Harris Creek when he grows up.

  144. Shiny dime! Shiny shiny dime!

    Good choice of charity, too. If I remember right, Reading Is Fundamental sponsored a big book-giveaway at all the elementary schools in my hometown once a year. I still remember coming down into the cafeteria and seeing all those beautiful books laid out on the tables…and never being able to decide.

    I’m a fantasy writer with a few credits to my name so far, trying hard to sell one novel and write a new one in the meantime. I grew up not too far from where you live (if I’m right about which part of Ohio you’re in) and live out on the East Coast these days. I think I’ve commented only once before, regarding Ghyslain chocolate.

    I also covet your tiara.

  145. It’s weird coming out from under the bed.

    I read the Whatever every day, because you just don’t publish your books often enough. And I’m pleased to say that I also turned my sister on to both your books and the Whatever. You have big fans in both of us.

    Back under the bed now.

  146. It’s weird coming out from under the bed.

    I read the Whatever every day, because you just don’t publish your books often enough. And I’m pleased to say that I also turned my sister on to both your books and the Whatever. You have big fans in both of us.

    Back under the bed now.

  147. Been reading the blog via RSS for a few months, read OMW last month, and “Starry Night” is one of my favorite pieces of artwork ever…

  148. Delurking – love the books OMW and GB. For some reason, I didn’t get started on Android’s Dream after I read the book jacket. I’ll probably pick it up again later.

  149. *timidly creeping out from behind rock*

    Hi from the upper left corner of Canada! (both politically and geographically)
    Been enjoying this site about 3 times a day for the past few months and I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the rational and intelligent discourse – but better yet, it’s just chock full of geeky fun goodness!

  150. Hey, I’m pretty sure I’ve only commented here once or twice, ever, though I’ve no idea when; my apologies if I’ve broken the rule inadvertently. My husband Tim Pratt and I chatted with you on the last day of LACon last year while we waited for the dealer’s room to open. You were wearing something on your head, but I have a bad memory, so I can’t remember exactly what it was now. Cheers!

  151. I may have commented more than once in the past year, but I can’t remember, and I know it hasn’t been often. But I read every day, through the livejournal feed (which truncates your posts ridiculously, imo).

    Yay RIF. I still have some of the books I got through them during elementary school. I really looked forward to free book day as a weester.

  152. Hey Mr. Scalzi;
    Delurking from Gates-Blake at the UofC. I’m always glad to contribute to young readers. So count me in for a dime please.
    Best to all who lurk;

  153. Hey Mr. Scalzi;
    Delurking from Gates-Blake at the UofC. I’m always glad to contribute to young readers. So count me in for a dime please.
    Best to all who lurk;

  154. Hey Mr. Scalzi;
    Delurking from Gates-Blake at the UofC. I’m always glad to contribute to young readers. So count me in for a dime please.
    Best to all who lurk;

  155. delurk! (why do I think that there should be a Nightcrawler-esque puff of smoke for that? Probably my misspent extended adolescence.)
    One more dime for RIF. And thank you for OMW, GB, and TAD. I’m looking forward to The Sagan Diary and The Last Colony. Found here by way of Making Light, where I lurk also.

  156. It’s a big day for all of us lurkers. So many places to go and stand and be counted. Your counting is for a good purpose as is your blogging. Engaging people to think and defend their thoughts with logic is so out of fashion but so needed. I’ve been around daily for about 6 months and I think it was Gina Spadafori who mentioned you. I’m just a trip up I75 to se MI. Really, you can almost see me from the highway.

  157. Greetings,
    I think I barely qualify for this thread, since I only heard of you last friday, but since then I’ve blown through OMW in a day,finished TAD in two, just started Ghost Brigades,and pre ordered TLC .Does that help?
    I was happy to learn that the author is quite a young man. This hopefully means many years of good stories to look forward to.


    Professional Bass player

  158. Hi, I’m Lisa from Hawaii. You can count me as one reader who found you by a link to Whatever first, then started reading your novels.

  159. ok… i’m peaking out of my corner, while I wait for my copy of The Sagan Diary to arrive.
    David from the most remote part of Indiana

  160. All it took me to expose myself was one thin dime. I’m not sure I like what that says about me.

    I’m resaonably certain I’ve never commented here before, though I do check the site almost daily. A friend recommended OMW, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

    OK, it cold out here and I’m starting to get anxious. Back to the shadows.

  161. Um, hello gosh darn it? I think I may have posted once in the last year but I don’t think I’ve posted twice. Let’s see — I think I might have first gotten here via Penny Arcade, actually, and at this point I’m another of those reading-via-LJ-feed folks, ’cause you write well about interesting stuff and of course the Athena stories totally make me miss my younger siblings (I’m off away at college).

  162. I’ve been reading since you taped bacon to your cat. I’m also a student trying to start writing, so there’s all kinds of enjoyment to be had.


  163. Hello. I’ve been reading through Bloglines since finding OMW. I’ve read and really enjoyed all your novels.

    I’m a SF writer, strictly short stories so far.

  164. I don’t think I’ve ever commented, although I’ve been a regular reader of Whatever for a few months now, not sure exactly when. Around the time that Star Wars fanfic writer published her work via vanity press and it was for sale on

    I enjoyed your article “10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing” and it sort of went on from there. Prior to that, I hadn’t read your books (and I still don’t read a whole lot of sci-fi at all) but really enjoyed Agent to the Stars and Old Man’s War. (I’m hopelessly behind on my reading, but the rest of your books are definitely on my list!)

    Love the stories about Athena (what a marvel she is!) and all your humorous, ultra-sensible commentary on nearly everything under the sun. I usually check Whatever once a day or more, since you update so frequently, and I’m always entertained by you’ve written.

    Myself… I am also in the Midwest and hoping to be a published writer someday. (Fantasy genre.) My favorite food is sushi, favorite musician is David Bowie, and I love books, traveling, music and cooking. I am also sorry I haven’t commented more often and will no doubt remedy that in the future now that my cover has been blown.

    Oh, and the new webpage background is very nice. :)

    There. Hope that makes up for all the lurking and it’s totally worth the .10!

  165. Very rare commenter, just when you suck more money outa my wallet (you and bear and charlie and lois and vernor and watts all the same year – 2nd mortgage time). So pony up that dime!!!!!

  166. I enjoy the posts, particularly those on the Science Fiction book publishing business and its fiscal aspects.

  167. I first happened on your blog in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, when Making Light linked to “Being Poor.” Never posted here, though. Now I find I can be bought for a dime. I shall grapple later with the sinking effect on my self-esteem.

  168. Haha! I’ve made exactly one comment here in the last year – so I count. I’ve actually typed up a few more, but deleted them in a fit of self-doubt.

    I’ve been a regular reader since finding a copy of Old Man’s War at – erm – Half Price Books. (Sorry about that, John. I’ve paid full price for all the rest of your books, though)

    That all being said, “You owe RIF a dime!”

  169. Delurking from the Dayton area. I wondered over from Making Light 2 or 3 years ago and read the Whatever at least once a day.

  170. Have been reading Whatever for about 6 months now…usually on my lunch break at work. Only time I’ve ever commented was to tell ya’ll that I voted. Love your books and I can’t wait for more!

  171. John,

    Thank you for the insight, the distraction, the recommendations, and all of the time spent on our behalf – and keep it up dammit (please).

    You could not have been more right about Watt’s Blindsight – simply spectacular.


  172. You’ve been a staple on my rss reader for a couple of years now. Thanks for all the fun reads!

  173. … UNCLOAKING …

    I read OMW and loved it (how do you know so much about being old?), and then something on Charlie Stross’ blog reminded me of you, so I went looking for yours. Been looking for a couple of weeks now, checking every couple of days. I like the way you write; you’re almost as disturbed as I am.

    Lurking isn’t really my natural state, but the last few weeks have been busy enough, and my postings in other places frequent enough, that I haven’t been able to take any time to introduce myself here. Now that you know me, I’ll be back.


  174. Far out on the swirly background. Looks like an extreme zoom on Armand Guillaumin’s “Boats on a Beach #13, 4 AM, Absinthe Effect”

  175. I can’t think of a better cause for which to delurk. I’ve been enjoying your wit for just over two years now. And your books make a perfect gift for my husband — maybe you could have something released just before Father’s Day?

  176. *delurks*

    I’ve been a regular reader for a couple of years now, and have actually met you in person at ConFusion–you signed my copy of OMW (I don’t know if you’d remember, but I’m the one who married a man who everyone thinks is a woman on World of Warcraft, and your personalization of my book mentioned said bizarre fact.)

  177. Hi John,

    Found your blog via Wil Wheaton about a year ago and have been happily lurking ever since! I enjoyed OMW and TGB and am now enjoying TAD. Thanks for all the great reading!

    Oh dear, the stress is too great… I must go back to lurking now…

  178. *delurking*

    I think I posted once (that I voted), but I definitely read regularly. I’ve even gotten the husband to read some of your posts. He has threatened our cat with “bacon-taping” a few times.

    My best friend is the one that hooked me on OMW. We will be leaving for a cruise tomorrow, armed with TAD. Not sure who gets to read it 1st (me, I bought it…), but we’ll post a picture.

  179. I think I count as a lurker. I comment occasionally but it has probably been more than a year since I’ve done so.

    I’ve been a reader since at least 2002.

  180. Hello,

    I’ve been a reader of yours since Penny Arcade linked to Agent to the Stars. I love your books and your blog!

    Um, that was kinda scary, so I think I’ll go back to lurking now.

  181. Hello! We’ve met at cons – we have friends in common. I read you via Bloglines, and since I have to navigate to get to comments, I don’t comment anywhere very often. But I do read regularly.

  182. Delurking. Hi, Scalzi.

    I read the Whatever most days, but I’ve never commented before. Maybe I’ll try to change my lurking ways :)

  183. Just for you, I got my dial-up connection working here at my temporary location in Esslingen, Germany cause while your site reads very well from a blackberry, I couldn’t post a comment. So, I really, really hope that I’m not breaking the rules here. I don’t remember posting more than once in the last year.

    Normally, I’m in Canada. I picked up this site at least a year ago and read at least once a day, if not more. I swear to pick up your books at some point. Soon. Really.

  184. Um, hi. I HAD to delurk since your generous offer to donate to RIF hit me right in my little Librarian’s heart.

    Thanks for the entertaining books & blog.

  185. Delurked from Canada where there’s still no snow.

    Think I got to this site from Wil Wheaton.
    I’ve read 1.2 of your books, and I look forward to the others ^_^

  186. I can’t remember if I commented more than once in the last year or not, but at the rate this is going you’re forking out 200 dollars anyway.

    so hi.

  187. a new lurker but a lurker nonetheless. it was the cat that started it, but your interesting words are what keeps me reading.

  188. Like many of my fellow delurkers, I have to confess that the shininess of that ten-piece has lured me out of hiding. Who am I to deny books for others, when the only thing keeping me lurking for so long (at least a year by now) was a sense of shyness/laziness?
    I visit the Whatever pretty much every weekday, and the best part is that I never know what kind of post I will find. I visit other sites specifically for a certain type of content, but this one? All I know is that a post here is going to funny, or thought-provoking, or both. Thank you, John!!

  189. I’ve sent you an e-mail, but I’ve never posted a comment per se, so I think this counts.

    I don’t comment because I rarely have anything interesting to say. I read “Whatever” because you so often do!

    Anyway, here’s a dime for the kids.

  190. Delurking from Richmond, Va. I also lurk on By the Way, but for some reason it’s been recently filtered out at work because “Personals and Dating” sites aren’t allowed. Yeah, not sure what they’re smoking down there in the basement.

  191. Another delurker here.. I’ve been lurking for a long time now, since before OMW came out. Which I bought as a gift for my husband and he quite enjoyed. And with that I think I’ve earned the dime.

  192. Delurked! Since I was a beneficiary of RIF back in the day (once got myself a shiny new Berenstein Bears book about keeping my room clean that I still love), I can’t resist.

  193. <delurk>
    Hi, John,

    I’ve been reading the Whatever on a daily basis for three (maybe four — who can remember?) years, and I think I found my way here via Making Light, but I don’t recall for sure. I don’t post because I doubt I could add value to an already fast-moving discussion, so I’m content to watch. The Whatever is fun-to-read, thought-provoking, informative — and always entertaining. So… thank you!

    As for me, I’m a writer, artist, and computer programmer whose passions include anime, Macintoshes, and my home state of Oregon. My Personal Website is in the process of being reworked, but My Blog is always up-to-date.

    OK. I hope you got a dime’s worth of value out of this! Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2007!


  194. ::delurks:: From Bloglines where I read you. Central Time zone. I enjoy reading your blog, and have learned a thing or three about the writing process. So thanks!

  195. [exits from the shadows. blinks at the sun.]


    [jumps back behind a bush. Was he there or just a figment of the imagination?]

  196. Delurking–only posted one other time on the “Have you voted” thread. I’ve been checking in daily since you didn’t attend last year’s Confluence in Pittsburgh (local writer’s group mailing list linked the Whatever and encouraged us to encourage you to attend, which obviously didn’t work ;)

    I had never heard of you, but since then I’ve read OMW and have the others on the bed-table. Our politics seem to match, and I have written some and intend to write more…so there are many items of interest for me here. Thank you for this place which, for me at least, is just the right blend of information, entertainment and (for my toddler + pre-schooler deadened mind) thought-provoking discussions.

  197. I’ve been lurking for years now. I don’t even remember how I found the site, but it was long before the Whatever wasn’t a blog or journal. I believe this is my second or third comment. It’s been so rare I can’t even remember how rare it is.

  198. The Trivia Geek sent me! Now I have read OMW and TGB. Oh and I seem to be lurking here every weekday when I should be working.

  199. Hello from Brazil. My first and only comment was on the thread about the background. Here’s to a good cause.

  200. Hi John –

    I’ve been reading since bacon cat and enjoy your blog immensely.

    About me: I am a long-time Ohio resident, currently in Northern Ohio. I am a Family Practice physician there. I am an avid reader and enjoy SFF, including your books. I also enjoy your political commentary.

    Thanks for the invitation to de-lurk!

  201. Hello. One more dime.

    FYI, I bought your first three books, read then, and then donated to my local library. Figured I would help spread the wealth.


  202. Hey John,

    *wave* — Hey – several people have asked me if I got a free copy of OMW for beta-testing it for you ‘lo these many years ago. ;-)

  203. I’ve been lurking for about seven years (give or take an email about Snuffleupagus), but I guess I can break my streak if it’s for the children. Hi there!

  204. I’ll delurk for a dime! I read the Whatever often a couple of times a day, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted. And I recommended your books to a total stranger in the sci-fi section at B&N the other day, who at least made noises like he was going to pick one/more up.

    I’m a chemistry teacher and a mom and a Puzzle Pirater (thanks to a comment on a pimping thread some months ago).

  205. I’ve commented here before, but it’s been a long time, I think. Not sure if that counts as delurking or not, but hopefully it does.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve been recommending you to my fiancee and she absolutely loved OMW (she plowed through it in like two days) and is about to read TGB too.

  206. I’m happy to delurk for a good cause. Love your site. It’s one of my favorites. Thanks for being so very entertaining, always, and for continuing to support good causes. Happy New Year!

  207. I’ll even delurk with an Old Man’s War sighting. A couple of months ago in an independent bookstore in California, MD, I bought the trade paperback of OMW. So, now I’ve contributed to John and RIF. I haven’t found TBG, yet, but I’m still looking.

  208. Am I too late? (I fear yes. Time zones confuse me so I just went ahead.) A lurker from New Zealand.
    Keep up the good work/blog! :-)

  209. </lurk> Howdy. Great site. Great books. Now I must slink back into the shadows of my consumption-only lifestyle.<lurk>

  210. Delurk! read all of your books, passed TAD around (hello little TAD! We love you). Enjoy the engagement with everyone a lot.

  211. Delurking… from cold and rainy Silver Spring, MD. Please put in a dime for me. I’ve been a regular (4-6 times weekly) Whatever reader since May ’06, when Google search turned up the “new computer versus Virginia Edition” discussion from the previous month. (I stayed with it; I’ll send you an update.)

  212. Okay, John, you’ve got me, too. I started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago when Wil Wheaton linked to it. So far I like it here. A lot. I am especially fond of the ongoing story of your books and how they interact with each other. Sooner or later I may even have to read one of them, I fear. Probably “The Androids Dream”, because I felt really sorry for it not getting a review.

  213. Im always lurking about somewhere, but I read Whatever every day. Good fun, always. We’ve met…last year’s Wiscon, where I enjoyed your panel appearances. I’m the older gentlemen who commented during your panel about family that the joys of parenthood continue, even after the children grow up. Anyway, I’m hoping to run into you at the Heinlein Centennial, where I should have my eldest son in tow. Cheers, and thanks for the continuing amusement that is Whatever…

  214. I’ll delurk for literacy…I’ve followed the Whatever since the era of alt.society.generation-x, and it’s terrific to see you publish to such acclaim and – on a more selfish front – to enjoy your books so much.

  215. Delurking. I read the Whatever every day. I really enjoyed Old Man’s War, too (read it after gifting it to my father, who also became a fan). Now I just need to get around to all your other books!

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  216. Hi, John. I’ve sent you a couple emails, and I think I’ve commented once. I generally read Whatever in rss. Like a bunch of the other delurked, I read your weblog and others for insight into the publishing industry, as I’ve a couple books I’d like to publish. I think I found Whatever on antipope. Can’t really be troubled to comment typically, and if something really gets my attention, I’ll send an email instead of a comment because I myself don’t find comments to be all that effective a means of communication (and therefore assume the same is true of everyone else).

  217. I snet a jpg of the Chinese cover to friends in China. Will be interesting to see what they think of the novel, assuming they buy the thing. I teach English to immigrants and refugees and am hoping to find one of the advanced students who is interested in science fiction. I’ll subject them to one of your novels. By the way, the background is giving me vertigo. Best wishes.

  218. I can’t 100% guarantee that I’ve only commented once in the last year, but I only remember one time. Anyway, I’ve been reading you since you were linked by Making Light for your advice to authors, about four or five years ago. Back then I showed up in your webstats as Germany, but now it’s Japan.

  219. I probably count as a lurker. I don’t think I’ve posted more than once in the past year.

  220. Consider me officially delurked! Just read OMW a few weeks ago, and loved it. Now I’m hunting out Chapters to get Androids Dream

  221. *waves* How can anyone resist the combined attractions of Athena and Bacon Cat? And TAD. And ice cream. Oh, and you, of course!
    *returns to lurkdom*

  222. I read you everyday, from France!

    I Luv the Interpipes!

    I’m 45 , found you years ago by googling “writing tips” or something

  223. Hi! I’m Mike Houser and I blog at I discovered the Whatever after reading the Rough Guide to sci-fi ad have read OMW and TGB. I have TAD but I’m in an ebook phase write now so I’ve put of starting it. I read the Whatever over RSS using the Shrook agregator on a Mac and it among 200 other feeds I read daily and I’m a lurker on all of them.

    Thanks for your writing, I enjoy it.

  224. I’ll unlurk for a good cause. I’ve been a relatively regular reader since the bacon cat got Fark’ed. Bacon makes everything better. Maybe that should be the new Whatever background. Mmmmm bacon.

  225. kaching! new commenter here.

    i just started reading a week or so ago, forget how i found you. anyway, good stuff, especially that mary poppinfresh bit just now. :-)

  226. Yeah, I lurk. I got a couple of degrees in English Lit, but 15 years later, I hardly read anymore. When I do, it’s science fiction – so thanks for the book ideas.

    But really, I come here for BaconCat.

  227. Hi, I read your blog most days (from Australia), very enjoyable (particularly the videos that demonstrate your, um, “rich inner life” aka basic weirdness). I greatly enjoyed OMW and am looking forward to reading TGB in the near future. As I am a struggling SF writer (no, no, don’t panic. No mss I promise!) I also find your posts on the craft and the industry amusing and helpful.

    Okay, so I pick up this dime where exactly?

  228. I think I made a total of about four comments last year, but I’ve been lurking for about four or five years.

  229. I love this blog and check it daily, but usually you hit the nail on the head so hard I just don’t comment. Plus, I don’t generally like sci-fi, so I haven’t read any of your books yet. I came here from a link from Wheaton, and just never left. I have a brilliant and beautiful three- year-old myself, so my favorite part is probably the Athena pics and videos. I’ll steal that idea when I get my own blog running the summer. I’m a school teacher and hope to finish my YA novel then. Pay up sucka! :)

  230. Delurking. I’ve been pretty much a daily reader for the last few years. I found my way over here from Uncertain Principles when he linked you, and worked my way through the backlog. Thanks, keep it up, etc.

  231. I was doing so well–been hanging ’round these parts since 2001, and hadn’t posted until now–but hey, money talks.

  232. Hi Everybody! I’ve only really been reading Whatever for this week, but I haven’t posted a single comment so I guess I count. I haven’t actually read any of Mr. Scalzi’s books, but I’m planning on picking up Old Man’s War tomorrow. I really liked Starship Troopers and from what I’ve read in its article on Wikipedia, much of what Mr. Scalzi writes is close to it. Yay for reading!

  233. I’ve been reading daily, or nearly, for a couple years. You’re near the top of my daily blogcheck list, after a couple jewelry spots and before the lefty blogs. I think I probably found this first through Eric Zorn’s links in the Chicago Trib.

    I’ve purchased, read and enjoyed Agent to the Stars, OMW, TGB,and Android’s Dream, also subscribed to Subterranean FWIW. I’ve also purchased and read a bunch of the books you’ve pimped. What a treat to come back to SF, the genre of my teenhood, after a break of MANY years.

    I don’t generally comment, except to my husband if he is sitting in the same room, but for a dime towards literacy, sure, I’ll delurk.

  234. Hey, I don’t lurk, I loom.

    I’m sorry to report that I’ve never read your fiction (Is it even available in Ireland?). However I can say that this blog has changed my life in ways you can’t imagine, so , y’know , imaginary high fives to you is basically what I’m saying here, Mr. Scalzi.

    PS- I pronounce your name to rhyme with palsy. Is this correct?

  235. Great, and on my first post I mess up the style tags. I feel like I just buttered my tie at the BAFTAs

  236. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have just started reading your first book.

    As a long time sci-fi fan I hope you stick around long enough to hear people compare young writers to you the way they have compared you to Heinlein.

  237. Hi John,

    I just read OMW this week, and picked up Ghost Brigades today. OMW was great, reminded me of a few of my favorite authors (Heinlein of course, and a bit of Michael Flynn), but only a little. Your style is fresh, fun, and interesting.

    Unfortunately I’m as cheap as the come. I read the first couple of chapters of OMW through Amazon’s Search Inside the Book feature. When the ‘free’ pages ran out I hit the public library to pick up the book (and later GB, too), so I’m basically a content vampire.

    Great blog, by the way.

  238. I suppose I should delurk for literacy since I’m a librarian. I’ve been reading and buying your books for the library since OMW. I’ve even spent some of my own money buying your books, which is quite the compliment because most librarians don’t buy books since they’re just right there.

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past month and a half. It’s nice. I like it. It’s very nice to meet you and get a glimpse into your life.

  239. Hi,

    I read daily and have never posted. Despite being online since ’91 I’m not really comfortable with this style of communication, so I don’t post anywhere I read. I’m much more an IRC/IM type of person.

    I’m working on it though. You know, one post at a time, that whole bit.

    Hi, I’m Tim. I’m a lurker.

  240. I don’t think I have posted any comments here, though I have been tempted to a couple of times. I haven’t read your books yet, since I have to pay shipping to Russia and limit myself to one Amazon purchase per year; they are in the cart, though.

  241. Been reading your blog the last month or two. Used to live in Yellow Springs, Dayton and Xenia (in that order). Grew up east of Cleveland within biking distance of Lake Erie. But have lived in the St Louis area since 1976, so I’ve lost track of Ohio politics. Interesting to see your comments about it.

  242. What evil lurks in the heart of Whatever…the shadow knows! Reading is fundamental. Its also a railroad you can buy on Monopoly.

  243. I may be the last to delurk within the deadline, which is appropriate since I’m out here at nearly the western-most tip of the lower 48 (Olympic Peninsula, Washington State). I’ve made one previous comment. I’ve read your blog pretty much once a workday ever since I bought Old Man’s War when it first came out through the SFBC. I hope I’ll still count toward the donations. Keep up the wonderful writing, both here and in your books.

  244. Hi John, delurking, met you and your blog via Nancy. And I’m a librarian. Of course we buy your books. Love the new art work, is it Vincent?

  245. YADL… Yet Another De-Lurking…

    Daily reader of The Whatever. Thinking back, I believe it was from a link on Boing-Boing about Agent To The Stars. I’ve bought and loved all the SF books.

    Just finished Android’s Dream. You made me stay up till 1:30 to finish the damm thing, so I was useless at work the next day!

    I’ve posted once before. I usually try to limit my message board activities cause I’m afraid I’d really get into this and spend all my time here instead of playing my guitar.

  246. Hi. I got here from Making Light’s blogroll. I’m also a knitter, so TAD had a special resonance for me.

  247. Damnit. Delurk me why don’t you. The only other thing that got me to post (hence within the 1 post limit) was the opportunity to blather on about obscure music. Ah, music snobbery is fun.

    Anyway, I think I’m in the time limit. I’m a New Zealander, and we’re many hours ahead of everyone in the world.

    So, um, yeah. Delurked.

  248. Hello, John. I’ve been a fan of yours for some time, from the days when my friend and I would open up the latest issue of OPM, paging anxiously to get to your DVD reviews. Oh, the memories! And now that august publication has folded up its tents and taken down the neon signs. Sigh. But, at least I can get my daily dose of Scalzi, here at Whatever. God bless the wonders of technology.

    And I am hereby delurked.

  249. Hi John! I’ll delurk for charity any day.

    Thanks for your always entertaining insights into writing, politics and life in general.

    Sydney, Australia.

  250. Hello — I read several times a month and scroll down to the bottom to see the last few days worth of insight, diatribe, comical interviews with books, etc. When I’m not lurking I teach high school math & science in the Midwest. I very much enjoyed Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades, but not The Android’s Dream. (Sorry TAD, nothing personal … )

    I consume most of my SF via podcasts, Escape Pod being my favorite for short fiction with The Time Traveler Show a close second. For novels I surf over to Podiobooks or Maria Lectrix. I read SFF Audio daily. It would rock if you were to submit a short story to Escape Pod. You should check it out if you haven’t yet — Tobias Buckell recently had a great story there.

    I still read print fiction, when my weak, bleary eyes permit. I subscribe to Analog and try to read the Hugo and Nebula short list. Thanks for letting us know about the long list — I’ve already ordered several titles from my library. That’s all for now — I’m going to go back to lurking.

  251. You have unlurked me.

    I picked up the mass market Old Man’s War based on a half remembered review. Enjoyed it. I now have read The Ghost Brigade and bought The Android’s Dream. I quess I have become a faithful reader.

  252. Sophie from Milwaukee here… came for “Being Poor,” stayed for the excellent posts about writing, politics, and of course, photos of bacon on cats.

  253. Call me a de-lurked lurker…I commented once long ago. Nothing but lurking since. Pay the piper the shiny token and I’ll go back to lurking in the background.

  254. I’m officially delurked. For now at least, and in the name of charity. I’ve been reading every day for a few months now, but have never commented, so here I am!

  255. Hi John

    I have been reading for about a year but this is my first post. I like your fiction but really read this site for your political comments. I suspect our votes cancel each other out, but what the hell, another well reasoned viewpoint is always welcome.


  256. Delurking-mode on. Let’s see if this one gets “posted”. Twice before have I tried commenting on a topic, but both times “something” has happened to the comment.

    Spreading the gospel here in Finland. Regular reader for some time now… apparently at least since 2003, when I remember you writing something silly about the LotR-films being better than the book. Love the views, even when I disagree with them (last time Starship Troopers, superior movie!).

    Keep on trucking, Scalzi!

  257. I think I qualify as a lurker — been reading for months and am not sure if I’ve even commented once. So, consider this a delurk…

    And while I’m here, I thought I’d mention that I started reading “Old Man’s War” at ~9:00 pm Wednesday evening, and finished reading it at ~3:30 am Thursday morning. It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on “The Ghost Brigades” and the “The Last Colony” just as soon as I can.

    Oh, and John, you probably don’t remember talking to me at WorldCon, just before the “Day Job” panel, but you were a lot more than just comic relief on that panel. :)

  258. Only posted once. For what it’s worth, I’m a reader who discovered your books through a post on the Volokh Conspiracy. Unfortunately, it’s worth exactly $0 — I get all my books from the library.

  259. I’ve commented previously (on music related threads I believe), but you strike me as a generous fellow…

    I’ve been reading your stuff for a while in OPM (R.I.P.), I especially liked your DVD reviews. Then I started reading the site, which is saying a lot for me, because the Whatever is pretty much the only blog I read on regular/semi-regular basis. Blogging just seems very pretentious, but you’ve won me over, being as down to earth as you are.

    Other than that I’m in college right now, check out the e-mail address, deciding what to major in. I love writing, but I don’t know if I necessarily want to be an English major. I’m trying to convince my parents that all the liberal arts majors are really just leading to teaching jobs anyway, unless you’re exceptional in your field.

    Anyway, this de-lurking post just got way too long, so I’m going to go now back to my stealthy ways and try to scrape together some dimes of my own out of the beer fund to make America more literate.

  260. Delurking for a good cause sounds great to me. I am an active lurker (oxymoron?) and check in at least every day. I *should* have another hobby, but apparently, my hobby of choice is lurking.

  261. Been lurking here and also occasionally over at By The Way, but I’m not so much big on the commenting. Will do for a good cause though.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained. :)

  262. Hi! I was directed to your blog from another member on a website to which I belong, and decided to check out some of your books. I found Old Man’s War in the wild at Barnes and Noble, and took it home with me. Sadly, I haven’t started reading it yet, as I am in the midst of another book. Perhaps when I’m done with that one.

  263. Hi there. I got here originally via Elizabeth Bear, who pointed her LJ readers to your “Being Poor” post back when it was fresh and shiny (it’s still pointy and insightful nowadays, btw), and sometime later, I decided to look around and see what else was here. Having found the BaconCat stuff, Athena’s Pluto Hayta video smackdown, Schadenfreude Pie, etc. I decided to keep visiting occasionally.

    So, drop that dime, man!

  264. Longtime reader via Bloglines, still in possession of far too many of her own RIF books. Enable those kids, man!

  265. Don’t think I’ve posted more than once in the last year.

    I read mostly the rss excerpts and click through for pieces about your family life, funny bits, opinion pieces, and advice.

    I also read Making Light, and recognized you as a commenter there.

  266. Here’s hoping this is still within the qualifying time limit, difficult to tell when is when for those on GMT +12.
    Anyway, started reading the Whatever after noticing a url in the back of OMW on my second reading of same sometime early in the year, liked it enough that it’s gone into the rotation of websites I bounce multiple times a day.

  267. In Northeast Ohio an Inuit lurks,
    Most daily checking on Scalzi’s quirks.
    He proffered a dime,
    I proffered a rhyme,
    So RIF benefits from John’s good works!

    “Hello, dammit!”

    : )

  268. I found my way here from Instapundit — Read OMW, TGB, and TAD and loved them all. I just bought the guide to Sci-Fi movies for my 14 year-old son who loves the genre. Keep up the great work!

  269. I’ll de-lurk for a good cause.

    I’ve read your blog off and on since before Old Man’s War was published. I’m originally from Ohio although live in California, and it was nice to see an Ohio science fiction writer who seemed mostly sane in existence.

  270. Howzit! Weather is fine out here in Hawai’i. Impatiens and bougainvillea are blooming out in the garden. The plumeria tree has developed a bad case of rust; I have to remember to spray it with fungicide. Guaranteed ecological and safe fungicide.

    In other news, I’ve been reading sf since I was 8, which makes 51 years of reading sf. I’m probably well-known to netizens who frequent rec.arts.sf.written and rec.arts.sf.fandom. My claim to fame: Charlie Stross cockaroached my last name for one of his books.

  271. Okay. “Hello, dammit!”

    I guess getting your feed for the last couple of months counts as lurking. Still have to actually drop by now and then to see what you’re doing with the look. “Starry Night” is perfect for a sf writer.

    Gotta go now and get back to my first new sf read in about 20 years. Something called “Old Man’s War.”

  272. Sure, I’ll take a dare. I’ve been lurking for a couple of years, probably before OMW. I usually check in once a day from work just to see what’s going on. Got the books, enjoy the Whatever.

    It’s interesting to me that even though I disagree completely with your political views I still enjoy your site and figure we’d get along pretty well if we were neighbors. Hey, my college roommate and best man is 180 degrees from me politically and we get along. But then we’ve known each other since fifth grade. Go figure.

    Plus one of my daughters is Athena’s age. We’re both in biiiiig trouble.

    Good luck to both of us!

  273. I read everyday (I use an RSS feed). Plus, I think that I have posted no more than twice in the last 12 months.

  274. I’m a Texas lurker… San Antonio, to be exact! I was glad one of your characters was from San Antonio!

    Big fan of Old Man’s War. I think I’m up to 10 people who have read it because I talked it up so much!

    Keep it up!

    P.S. Where can I order a brain pal? Best Buy?

  275. Not sure I count as a lurker, since this is my first time on the site, but every dime for literacy helps, eh? I found this when surfing the Web after finishing OMW.

    Good job, John!

  276. Not sure if I qualify as a delurked , lurker. I posted once on your site about 6 mo. ago after reading Old Man’s War. (an excellent story by the way) Haven’t checked your site but about once or twice since then. I see I may have to come back here more often to check for more books since I see that you’ve written quite a few books. :)

  277. Another dime for RIF!

    I just started reading you over the holidays when visiting friends who gifted me with your first novel. I was told you remind them of me. Apparently, we’re both down to earth, don’t take crap from people, but have a good humor about it all.

  278. I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, so I qualify. Came here by way of Chad’s blog, or may be TNH’s, and now I check in pretty much every day.

  279. Ok fine. But just to be different I prefer to un-lurk. Ahhhh…bright light…must seek refuge…it burns.

    Hello fellow Sandberg Junior High dude.

    Good night.

  280. I don’t think I’ve posted more than once before.

    I’m a software engineer and a spinster librarian (I have an MLS and a working spinning wheel). I’ve been a science fiction and fantasy fan for many years and used to sell Tarot cards at WorldCons.

    I came for Bacon-Cat (blush) (linked from Kaja Foglio’s LJ, I think) and stayed for the excellent community.

  281. Helllllooooo! I’ve been reading the Whatever via RSS for more than two years but have only commented twice, I believe, and not recently.

    Trivia: Until about an hour and twenty minutes ago (long day), I was a book designer for Tor/Forge, and I worked on The Last Colony, packing it up for the compositor and looking over the first round of proofs. So it’s almost like we’re family. But not.

  282. Well, since everyone else is doing it…

    Hello. I’ve been reading Whatever for a couple of months now and have felt the urge to post a comment every now and again, but haven’t done so. Until now.

    Thanks for the marvy blog. Because of it, you have gained a fan.

  283. Consider me delurked, from Cumming, GA (yes that really is the name of the town).

    Found your books and blog by way of Eugene Volokh’s blog.

    Both your blogs are on my Google Reader list.

    Thanks for the books, too.

  284. Hi, long-time reader, I may have possibly commented once in the past. Found the site after I read OMW and been a religious reader since. (I’m not sure how one is an atheist reader, but I’ll work on it)

    I keep meaning to comment, but always (1) come too late to the thread, (2) have nothing to add on a particular topic, or (3) actually have some work-related activities I should do. Stupid work!

  285. Yo! I came here after the cat be-baconing. Like your articles here, haven’t read any of your short stories or books.

  286. Delurking as well for a good cause. You’re on my google feed reader. Unlike many of the above I have yet to read OLD MAN’S WAR, but it’s been simmering at the top of my future acquisitions list for some time. I randomly stumbled into AGENT TO THE STARS before OMW came out, and really enjoyed your writing style, so had mentally bookmarked you, but my head is kind of crammed, so it didn’t really ‘set’ until a friend started gushing about your books more recently. I like your more essay-ish posts on this blog, too; writing a good essay is hard, and you have a fluid and pleasant style. I suppose it also doesn’t hurt that I agree with you most of the time. Anyway, that’s my delurk, though I’m sure it will be lost in the morass, but at least it’s for a good cause. ;)

  287. Hiya. I forget how I first found the site; I think it was a link from pamie.

    Today’s fun fact from San Diego: temperatures will probably drop below freezing over the weekend. As you can imagine, people are freaking the hell out in a way that’s both understandable and funny.

  288. Hi. Regular reader officially delurking – at only 9:14pm PST! Thanks for making me smile a few times a week.

  289. Delurking for charity…

    I feel like I should be making some comment about engaging a lurking device or something, but they all sound inappropriate and have likely been used…

  290. Hello,

    I’ve been reading the Whatever for the last year. It’s a very nice way to avoid philosophy homework.

  291. Hello.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever commented before, although I did once send you a message on MySpace. I have greatly admired your writing for ages, but I don’t often have anything to add to discussions.

    I finally bought a copy of Old Man’s War with my Christmas money, so I feel that I should now be worth ten cents to you.

  292. Hi,

    I hope to be a fan of your writing soon, but your book is under a small stack of borrowed-books-I-should-return.

    I always check out the blogs of authors so I can get a broad idea of what it’s like to be at a more advanced point in the career.

    I only bookmark and keep reading if they’re interesting, though. You’ve been interesting.

  293. Count me in! Rode in on the bacon cat wave, now a daily reader. Love what you’ve done with the place – thanks for being such a gracious host.

  294. /Delurked

    well this is a fine mess and me with nothing to say, I have been coming here daily for the last few months to get rational viewpoints of an irrational world. I bought OMW and TGB and I’ll buy TLC when it gets released, just started reading TAD.

  295. Does hanging out over your sisters shoulder reading your blog count as lurking?I’m delurked now!
    Put my dime in the bucket.

    Your soon to be brother-in-law

  296. Bacon wave? Isn’t that an as-seen-on-TV cooking device?

    Fellow Webbie here. Also went to school in (but not at) Chicago.

  297. Delurking!

    I’ve been a daily reader of the Whatever for a little over a year now. Since it’s all for charity, might as well say hello.

    Now, back to lurking.

  298. Slithering out of the shadows.

    I’ve been lurking for years now, Whatever is one of my favorite daily reads. Another ten cents for RIF, best place in the world for all those dimes.

    Taking my sentence fragments and skulking back into the shadows now.

  299. ChiefEngineer: Captain, there’s not enough power to post and lurk at the same time! What do you want to do?

    Captain: Dammit, I think it’s time to delurk.

    I post maybe once a year. Probably less. This’ll probably be my post for the year. I got here from a Penny-Arcade link way back the first time Tycho linked to you. I’ve read most of your stuff since then, minus little spans of time here and there as life became more important than the interweb.

    I don’t generally post because I see blogs as sort of a sounding board for the author much like standing on a soapbox making a pronouncement. And when I comment, I feel like I’m just part of the crowd going “Yeah, you tell ’em!” Even when I disagree. I don’t think the medium really promotes conversation so much as makes it so that it’s possible for an author to get their point across without interruption.

    But here I am delurking and spraying my cynicism ray all over the danged place. I need to watch where I’m pointing this thing. It makes a mess fast. Anyway, keep blathering. I do enjoy it more when you make your point-of-view posts than the here’s-how-my-life-is-going posts. But that’s just me.

    If on the odd chance that you reply to this in a thoughtful manner, and I happen to read it (part of my philosophy above is that I don’t read the comments. I think it’s a slashdot induced aversion to losing an entire day reading random stuff.), then does posting again in reply disqualify my contribution to RIF that this post makes?

    C: We’ve done enough damage. Re-engage lurk mode, now!

    CE: Aye, Aye Cap’n. Lurk mode engaging in 5…4…3…

  300. Delurking to ask why no one ever mentions that Genesis song “Dodo/Lurker” from Abacab on these kinds of topics?

    “Meanwhile lurking by a stone in the mud
    Two eyes looked to see what I was and
    Then something spoke and this is what
    It said to me…….”
    [cue 80’s keyboard sequence]

    Hope that’s worth a dime. Back to lurking I go…

  301. I have lurked here for a few years since a cross-country move left me with only the internet for company. This is one of the few places I still read regularly now that I have a life in my new home. I came for the writing advice but stay for the commentary as well as the new book recs. Plus I loved OMW but Ghost Brigades hasn’t made it to the top of the read now stack yet.

  302. Delurked.

    Secret shame: Although I enjoy his blog, I have never read any of our gracious host’s short stories, novels, or fiction. Y’know, the stuff he actually gets paid for?

  303. Hi. Thought I’d missed this – it’s 1.16am here – but if you’re going by HI time… whoohoo! I don’t think I’ve ever commented. I sent you some test email once you asked for or something like that. I’ve only read two novels in the last three years but if I read a third, it’ll probably be one of yours. Way to support literacy! Heh.

    That sun in the painting to the left of the comment form looks like it’s a very tired, pissy, grumpy monster of some sort. Maybe it’s the red dot. Maybe it’s just me.

  304. I think i’ve commented three times in four or so years – guess that qualifies me for the long time reader, (almost) first time caller lurker award.
    Came over via Penny-Arcade for the story, found the ‘I Hate Your Politics’ piece, and set up camp.

  305. saying hi, though not sure if the time is on is write, it’s sat 13 here in tehran, still i thought it’s never too late to say hi even if i don’t get a dime for it :)

  306. and now you understand why i’m a lurker; the very strange sentence “if the time is on is write” is really “if the time is right” (don’t even ask why it came out like that the first time or why i didn’t preview before posting :))

  307. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever communicated via computer – and when I say ever, I mean EVER. As a forty-one year old business owner (Starstruck Video, the largest independent video store in the state of Arkansas), you would think that I would be more technically savvy, but alas, I am not. Other than the one I use daily, computers scare me. I am, however, trying to overcome my fears one step at a time. (Step…Step…Step)Ah, feels good!
    Anyway, Mr. Scalzi, I am a recent convert to your exceptional talent and would like to say that you have offically become my favorite writer. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to reading you for years to come.

  308. Just squeaking in before the deadline! I don’t *think* I’ve posted before, but as someone else said, I’ve started to write a comment before but then chickened out and deleted it.

    I think I found your blog via another blog at one point, but began reading more regularly around the time of Bacon Cat[tm] fame, so I am a fairly new reader.

    My grammar pet peeve of the day is: using the construction “try and” when it’s supposed to be “try to.” That is all.

  309. Suppose my couple of comments don’t qualify me as more than a usual lurker… So: my name is Horia and I’m addicted to Scalzi’s Whatever. Unfortunately, I check in every day. I hope to be able to cure my addiction someday…
    Hello from Romania!

  310. I’m not technically a lurker, since I haven’t read your blog in a few years. The last time I read your blog we got into an exchange in the comments section. I think you called me a rude, obnoxious bastard, or something like that. I can’t remember what we were arguing about.

    Oh, I missed the time limit, so you can keep the dime.

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