Daily Archives: January 13, 2007

High Up There on the List of Truly Unexpected Award Nominations

The Android’s Dream has notched its first award nomination, for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2006 from — wait for it — the Romantic Times BOOKreviews Career Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice Awards. Romantic Times BOOKreviews gave TAD a very nice review last year, so it’s nice to see it’s made the cut for the magazine’s […]

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Fans: What Do We Owe Them?

Hal Duncan has some thoughts on the recent Laurell K. Hamilton asstardery, and it turns out he’s not entirely unsympathetic to Hamilton’s reaction to fans who buy her books and then seek her out to say how much they suck (yet still want their book signed): Now, in the LKH rant, she talks about readers […]

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“Alien Sex” Artwork; TSD Release Date; TAD at Revolution SF

I thought I’d show off a nifty illustration for you: This is the cover (by the fabulous Bob Eggleton) of the chapbook of “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story,” which is a short story I wrote up to be a premium for the folks who shelled out for the hardcover edition […]

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Thanks for Delurking!

At the end of the delurking day (which was 5am, Eastern time) I had 408 people delurking in the “Delurk for a Dime” thread, and then there were a couple of stragglers which I went ahead and counted. So that would have made my contribution to Reading is Fundamental $41. I went ahead and rounded […]

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