“Alien Sex” Artwork; TSD Release Date; TAD at Revolution SF


I thought I’d show off a nifty illustration for you: This is the cover (by the fabulous Bob Eggleton) of the chapbook of “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story,” which is a short story I wrote up to be a premium for the folks who shelled out for the hardcover edition of Subterranean magazine I guest-edited (the pdf version of which, remember, you may now download for free here). Outside of this chapbook I don’t have any particular plans to release the story, so if you’re one of the folks who paid up for the deluxe edition of the magazine: Oooooh, collector’s item.

Which also reminds me that Subterranean Press now tells me that the release date for “The Sagan Diary” is tentatively set for 1/31, a date that is dependent to some extent on when the several hundred signature sheets I signed arrive at the printers. Those signature sheets go into the limited leatherbound editions; there’s also the regular hardcover edition as well. Both are also collectibles, as only a limited number of each will be made.

Finally, The Android’s Dream got a nice little write-up at Revolution SF; books editor Peggy Hailey had this to say about it in her article on “What Is Best in Life, 2006”:

If you can put this book down after reading the first paragraph, you’re a better person than me. It’s got action. It’s got adventure. It’s got power politics and strange alien races. It’s got the snappiest dialogue since Nick & Nora Charles set the banter highwater mark. Get it. Read it. Love it. And right soon.

Naturally, I agree entirely. Also on this list are stuff from Chris Roberson, Jeff VanderMeer and Jeff Ford, so you should check out the entire article.

There, that’s enough self-pimpery for the day, I think.

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  1. You signed every single one? D-damn, son! That’s a lot of scalzicce scribbling.

    I can’t wait. Can one still get the alien sex story some other way? Or do I have to shell out for some more leather bound scalzi… oohhh, what a terrible image.

  2. I signed all of the deluxe version, which is 400 copies. I didn’t sign the regular hardcover. But, of course, I’ll be happy to sign those for people when/if they see me.

  3. Best banter since Nick and Nora? Damn. I’ve got to finish that Year’s Best (Datlow, Link, Grant) to get to TAD. This is said as someone who owns the Thin Man boxed set of DVDs. I hope Scalzi will sign the TAD next week even if I haven’t started it.

  4. Oh Boy! you mean I not only get the book, but get a SIGNED book as well (jumping up and down on one foot to another, with my knees together with a silly grin on my face).

    I wonder if that will demote the face value on eBay?

  5. [inappropriately-placed self-pimpery masquerading as something other than self-pimpery deleted]

    I’d note this Robert Eggleton is not the Bob Eggleton is who is the Hugo-winning illustrator. — JS

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