Thanks for Delurking!


At the end of the delurking day (which was 5am, Eastern time) I had 408 people delurking in the “Delurk for a Dime” thread, and then there were a couple of stragglers which I went ahead and counted. So that would have made my contribution to Reading is Fundamental $41. I went ahead and rounded it up to $50 and donated the amount using RIF’s online form. Don’t let anyone say I dilly-dallied in paying up my obligation.

For those of you who like to keep track of these things, at 411 comments (including my own final one closing the thread), “Delurk for a Dime” is the single entry with the highest number of comments here on Whatever. However, it’s worth noting that it gets the award on a technicality, because I split up the comments on “Being Poor” over two separate entries which together comprise something like 650 comments.

Thanks to everyone who delurked; I’m happy you spent my money, and I hope some of you decide to stay delurked and join the conversation around these parts.

6 Comments on “Thanks for Delurking!”

  1. hey john…yesterday work was hell and i went straight from work to a basketball game (my grandson’s team won, even if he didn’t get to play (he brought the wrong jersey, which was the final act in “marc’s being a dumbass and learning to pay attention” week. (he took it with good grace, and hopefully he will be able to play today) so i didn’t read about the delurk day until this morning….and i am past the deadline…but i wanted to say hi anyway!

  2. You’re a nice guy for helping a good cause, John. I feel like I should buy you an éclair or something. Yes. If the day ever comes where you and I square off on a dusty road in a one-horse town, make sure you bring a napkin. It’ll be pastry at noon!

  3. Sorry I missed the delurking day.

    I’ve been lurking for about three years now. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing the Whatever.

    But I did pick up a copy of Old Man’s War in paperback at my local B&N, so the weekend wasn’t a total waste.

    Keep up the good work, John!

  4. Hi Scalzi!
    Just read the “Delurk for a Dime” post today but I still felt I had to de-lurk myself and let you know you’ve been read in Brazil

  5. Dang… I usually lurk, though I post here once in a blue mooon. Here was a chance to ‘de-lurk’ for a good cause. Shame on me for being too darned busy to spend some time on-line.



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