Cats or Cheese: A Reader Participation Entry

I’m off to the bowels of Cincinnati today, to do an in-studio radio appearance, so who knows when I’ll get back from that. But I wouldn’t want you to be bored while I am away, so here’s a topic for you to ponder:

Cats or cheese! There can be only one! You must choose!

Yes, in your hands is the choice that will forever change our universe. Choose cats, and cheese in all its manifestations vanishes forever with only orange powdery smudges to mark its passing; choose cheese, and cats all over the word vaporize with an adorable, furry pop. There is no alternative! Only one can exist! And only you can decide! Which will it be? Explain your choice.

This is possibly the most important question ever in the history of man, or cats, or cheese. It’s not an easy choice. It’s not meant to be an easy choice. I only pray you have the strength to make it. Good luck with it, my friends.