Daily Archives: January 17, 2007

Author Interview: Tim Pratt

Over at By The Way, the latest author interview is up: This week we’ve got Tim Pratt, who’s got a rockin’ collection of short stories in Hart & Boot & Other Stories, the lead story of which was tagged by Michael Chabon for the 2005 edition of the Best American Short Stories anthology. Nicely done, […]

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January Appearances

My brain is mostly made of pudding these days, and I’m not sure why that is; nevertheless allow me to solidify it a bit and remind people that I am making two public appearances here in the month of January: * From the 19th through the 21st, I’ll be in Troy, Michigan for ConFusion. While […]

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How DRM is Like Guantanamo

How is Guantanamo like DRM, you ask? They’re alike in two ways: First for what they are not, and then for what they represent. Let’s begin with the first: Both are used by the people who have created them for purposes other than what they’re ostensibly used. In the case of DRM, it exists not […]

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When Dairy Products Tragically Overestimate Their Offensive Power

Slowly, two members of LRF (La Révolution de Fromage) approach their feline target, hoping to take it by stealth and cunning. Sadly for them, the dairy-loving beast has already caught their scent. What happened next is too terrible to relate. Curse Kraft for making such ineffective cellophane armor! Yesterday’s responses to the “Cats or Cheese” […]

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