Author Interview: Tim Pratt

Over at By The Way, the latest author interview is up: This week we’ve got Tim Pratt, who’s got a rockin’ collection of short stories in Hart & Boot & Other Stories, the lead story of which was tagged by Michael Chabon for the 2005 edition of the Best American Short Stories anthology. Nicely done, Tim. It’s a fun interview too, with Tim putting on his many various hats (writer, editor, publisher) to talk about his writing and the state of the market today. So read it and feel all shiny and smart and stuff.

14 Comments on “Author Interview: Tim Pratt”

  1. Sorry to harsh the pleasantries, but…

    Are those stars on his pants (like from the Hubble), or is he wearing some fabulous sequined MC Hammer pants?

  2. A completely unrelated tangent…

    After I read the interview, I kept on reading down the page and noticed that although you say all sorts of interesting things, same as you do here, you only ever get 3 to 5 comments for any particular entry. Why is that? Nobody brave enough to come out of lurking?

  3. I have to say thank you for your interviews and links to new and also established authors who I’d never heard of. I relied heavily on Emerald City for that and then it went out of circulation. So thanks very much for being the place to find the good stuff. It’s very hard to find good fiction in the categories I like (weird fiction, steampunk, non-genrefied fantasy and SF etc.) but since becoming a faithful Whatever reader I have a long list now of things to read and find on Amazon etc.

    So yeah, thanks much.

    (On another note, reading Tim Pratt’s experiences trying to work, study and write were very interesting to me, since I find myself in somewhat the same boat.)

  4. Thanks for the interview, John!

    Are those stars on his pants (like from the Hubble), or is he wearing some fabulous sequined MC Hammer pants?

    Heh. They are stars, and they actually make sense if you read the story, as the character does indeed dissolve into starlight occasionally. (Hmm, does that qualify as a spoiler?)

  5. I wanted to comment about the Tennessee tax on illegal drugs (I howled with laughter at the NPR report on Monday) but you have to register with AOL to post a comment there. I’ll stay here.

  6. I will point out immodestly that “Hart and Boot” was picked up by BASS for its appearance in Polyphony, ed. by Deborah Layne and me.

  7. Steve-

    Yeah, that phrase kinda hooked me too. Too bad I can’t order it yet. I can pre-order it, but until I learn to pre-read books, that does me no good.

    Based on my reaction to it, I’ll then decide if I want to read The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl– although I can say for certain that the name is all kinds of fun to say.

    *walks off muttering “the strange adventures of rangergirl…” repeatedly*

  8. Ya know… And the stars make this resonate even more… That cover portrait looks a lot like Mal from Firefly. Not that that’s a bad thing, just observing.

  9. Yeah, the pre-order thing bums me out, too. I’m told it’ll be available any time now. Copies have been printed, and it really exists — I’ve got a whole box of ’em.

  10. I’m with AliceB here, that is one cool cover. Only one problem, no sheep. Wait, is that the Sheep’s Head nebula on the right leg of those fabulous MC Hammer pants? I can’t tell, damn you Scalzi, you’ve got terabytes of bandwidth, howsabout some higher resolution next time, eh?

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