January Appearances

My brain is mostly made of pudding these days, and I’m not sure why that is; nevertheless allow me to solidify it a bit and remind people that I am making two public appearances here in the month of January:

* From the 19th through the 21st, I’ll be in Troy, Michigan for ConFusion. While there I will be I’ll be on panels, chatting with folks, probably hauling my out-of-shape ass across the dance floor at least a couple of times, and trying to avoid getting my head kissed by conventioneers, which happened last year and which I’ve now seen in at least a couple of places online described as a “ConFusion tradition.” Really, no. Not a tradition. Don’t make me bathe my scalp in Tobasco, people.

* On the 25th, which is a Thursday, I’ll be at the Joseph-Beth bookstore in Cincinnati, to sign books talk with people, do a reading, so on and so forth. This will be a lovely time to get a book signed by me (and if you buy it at the Joseph-Beth, so much the better!).

And to make it extra sweet, I’m planning a special giveaway there at the appearance. No, I won’t tell you what it is. But when you’re there, you’ll go, “dude, sweet.” So now you have no reason not to go, especially if you live in or around Cincinnati.

Tell me if you’re going to be at one or the other of these. And, of course, when you’re there, actually come up and say “hi.”

27 Comments on “January Appearances”

  1. I will be seeing you at confusion. I shall be pirating, as usual, and bringing a newbie along. Very much looking forward to it!

  2. Maybe you should rub some of that bitter apple spray stuff used to protect furniture from pets that chew. You know, on your head. Because teeth marks are a danger if the kissers don’t practice on other bald heads first.

  3. Seriously, kissing the Scalzi Skull is what ConFusion is all about. In fact, for every person who plants one on your noggin, I will donate a shiny dime to “Reading is Fundamental”. There is a $50 limit, but no limit on the number of times an individual smacks you a good one. Have at him, folks.

  4. I’ll be at ‘fusion! I’m sick atm, though, so I guess I won’t try to earn that dime. :)

  5. When some convention there makes me a guest of honor and pay my plane ticket, basically.

  6. And to make it extra sweet, I’m planning a special giveaway there at the appearance. No, I won’t tell you what it is. But when you’re there, you’ll go, “dude, sweet.” So now you have no reason not to go, especially if you live in or around Cincinnati.

    “Hey, bacon isn’t much of a prize. And — wait a minute — is this cat hair?”

  7. Thursdays are bad for me, so I probably won’t be able to make the JB gig. I’ll be at ConFusion all weekend though, along with my copy of TAD. :)

    I won’t be one of those kissing your head, but it is an indignity you will have to suffer. To quote Tevye: TRADITION!!

  8. It can’t possibly be tradition. It’s only happened at one con. That’s not tradition. That’s just weirdness.

  9. In fandom, if it happens once, it’s a tradition. If it happens twice, it’s a time-honored tradition.

    And I’ll be at ‘Fusion, at least part of the time.

  10. Well, you know I’ll be at ConFusion among the motley gaggle that I like to call my friends (and, in a handful of cases, family). Sadly, my wife won’t be there to keep me in line.

  11. Glad to see that Joseph-Beth is still around now that I don’t live in Cincy. I worked there one x-mas season and always liked shopping there. Nice folks. Support your local indie booksellers!

  12. My wife, daughter and I will be at ConFusion. I can see it now… “No dear, the nice people are not trying to eat Scalzi’s brain.”

  13. I have PLANS to be at ConFusion.

    Of course, I also have a newly-broken furnace and a gigantic head cold.

    So we’ll see. The furnace is first priority, of course. And the pipes not freezing!!!!!

    I promise not to kiss your head, if I’m able to show up.

  14. No, no, what you want to smear on your head is: birdlime.

    So everytime someone kisses you on your head, they get stuck. Like the flagpole scene in A CHRISTMAS STORY, y’know?

    It’d be a lot of fun. To watch.

  15. I wonder if tabasco will cure dandruff? If anything, it should tingle like that salon shampoo.

  16. I’ll be at ConFusion. Anyone up for eating steak at Shula’s Saturday night? The one I had by myself last year at the Troy Marriott was truly one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Much less hairy than bacon-on-a-cat.

    Dr. Phil

  17. First, the correct spelling is “Tabasco.” And to keep the nice people on Avery Island happy, they would probably prefer that you also use the “TM” or circled “R” as well. (Probably the latter, but I don’t have a bottle of Tabasco with me at the moment.)

    And as someone has already mentioned, if it happens once in fandom, it’s a tradition. Hey, that’s how the Hugos got started.

  18. I’ll be at ConFusion. (I just hope there isn’t a blizzard between now and then and between here and there.)

    And I won’t kiss your head. Heavens, we haven’t been properly introduced yet! But I’ll happily cheer on others who wish to do so.

  19. Are you planning on doing visits abroad sometime? Say for example to Europe (or Sweden .. or Stockholm.. ;) ?

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