An E-Mail Note Plus Mini Update

If you’ve sent me an e-mail in the last day or so, you’ll probably have to wait until I get back home to read it; while I’m traveling I access my mail account via a web form which doesn’t filter spam, and in the last day or so I’m apparently getting socked with an outrageously large number of spam mails which makes it difficult to actually locate the real mail. So, patience: You’ll hear from me Sunday night or Monday morning.

ConFusion is lovely so far. I had dinner last night with PZ Myers, who was excited to eat squid and octopus, and then hung out with pals and had a good time. I did not get to the dance floor last night, alas, but there’s another dance tonight — ConFusion is riddled with gyration! — and I’ll be there for that. Oh, yes.

I’m off to a business breakfast and then to panels and general naughtyness. See you all later.

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